Oliver Pocher criticizes Amira’s “Let’s Dance” verdict: “It wasn’t a 30-point dance”

Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató got 30 points in the last “Let’s Dance” show. Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató were able to completely convince the jury last week with their Charleston to “Yes Sir, that’s my Baby”. They received 30 points for their performance, nobody managed that that evening. The jury really went into raptures. Motsi Mabuse said about the performance: “That was your best dance, I found it super charming. It was funny, exciting, tidy. Amira is back.” Jorge González saw it all this way: “You offered everything a Charleston needs. I believed everything. Your best dance.”

Immediately afterwards, Joachim Llambi let it be known that this time he would rate her better than ever. Her dance partner was happy for Amira and added: “Today the knot burst, you are a born entertainer, slowly there is land in sight.” In the latest episode of the podcast, the presenter spoke to her husband Oliver Pocher about the latest “Let’s Dance” edition. It quickly became clear that the comedian would not have given the 29-year-old such a high score.

Oliver Pocher does not understand the jury evaluation

First, Oliver Pocher emphasized that his wife Amira managed to get the 30 points despite health problems. The “Let’s Dance” candidate explained: “I really never thought that the Charleston would work so well. I was also very ill this week and had sweats, hot flashes, a cough, a sore throat, and a bit of something in my eyes and ears. I actually trained every day after that. But I had to sit out a day and even had a day less training.” In the end, the reason for her dropout was as follows:

“I just said: I can’t take it anymore. It doesn’t make any sense to torment yourself and continue to infect others. But in the end everything worked out. I’m very relieved and was really allowed to score 30 points “A breath of fresh air. Smells quite good, but it’s also somehow connected to fear and the question of how things will continue now, because you know that you simply can’t keep those 30. That’s actually impossible. That’s why it will definitely be today Of course, I don’t give 30 points in the evening, but a little less. I’m still hoping for over 20.”

Pocher praised Amira for the fact that her performance still worked so well with one day less training. “That was really a good dance,” said the comedian. Immediately afterwards, however, he surprisingly said: “Personally, I didn’t think it was a 30-point dance, if I may say so at this point.” The mother of two reacted like this: “Wow, criticism from the husband.” The 44-year-old quickly made it clear why he came to this assessment. He liked the Contemporary better last week.

As a reminder, the dancing couple received a total of 25 points for their performance on “Your is my whole heart”. It should be noted, however, that Motsi and Jorge each awarded eight points, while Llambi pulled out the nine-point trowel. He even received a standing ovation from the audience because he rated the performance better than his jury colleagues. Pocher now criticized the overall scoring on the show: “How the trowels are thrown makes mediocre sense anyway.”

Amira was also irritated by the rating: “I was also very surprised that the Charleston was better than the Contemporary.” The comedian added: “What’s better, they just rated him differently. I’m happy for you if you get 30 points there, but I found that the contemporary dance with the whole choreo was almost more demanding than what happened afterwards.” He also said: “It’s completely arbitrary with the points.” Sometimes two points too many or two points too few would be awarded.

In addition, there was another thing that bothered him: “Do you know what annoys me about ‘Let’s Dance’? That everyone jumps up after every dance. What’s going on in the audience? No matter who is dancing, no matter what the points are, everyone jumps up every time.” However, the moderator and entrepreneur did not see it that way: “Hello, do you know how cool that is? You enjoyed it too when you danced there.”

But Pocher stuck to his opinion: “It’s no good if you jump on eight pairs of eight.” Amira finally said: “I think everyone deserves it because you work really hard. It’s the best reward.” In addition, not everyone would always get up at the same time, but sometimes only half the audience in the hall got up, she clarified.


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