Oliver Pocher criticizes RTL harshly after dealing with Faisal Kawusi

Oliver Pocher spoke up about the events surrounding Faisal Kawusi.Image: imago images/Hartenfelser

About two months ago, comedian Faisal Kawusi caused outrage with his comment on a photo of Joyce Ilg. As a reminder, the influencer shared a photo of herself and Luke Mockridge, to which she wrote, “Did any of you guys find eggs here? I just got a few knockout drops.” This statement has been widely criticized. Silvi Carlsson said: “I almost died from knockout drops. Not cool, Joyce.” Faisal Kawusi finally said: “Next time I’ll increase the dose, I promise.” He later apologized for his verbal gaffe.

Now the program “Viva La Diva” was broadcast on RTL on Monday, in which he participated and even won the show. Seven celebrities had to turn into drag queens and were exposed by two guessing teams. In addition to Faisal, Mickie Krause and Steffen Hallaschka also took part. The fact that the comedian emerged as the winner of the show caused displeasure among many viewers. Now Oliver Pocher spoke up in his latest podcast episode.

Oliver Pocher makes a statement towards Faisal Kawusi

First of all, Pocher stated that after the comedian’s victory, “RTL naturally had to distance itself from the statements again”. The father of five children is currently on a big comedy tour and is looking at how his colleagues deal with “somewhat tougher jokes”. He noticed that there was always a murmur, especially through social media. Faisal is the best example of this.

Pocher emphasized in the course of this: “He wrote a saying on the net, but then he apologized and did everything. Then it’s good now.” For this reason, he decided that Faisal could take part in this show, especially since he had put on “a monster show” there as a travesty artist in high heels. Therefore, the 44-year-old does not understand the sender’s statement, which expresses that you never want to work with him again. “I find that so ridiculous. It’s really uncomfortable,” said Pocher.

Not only Faisal’s former in-house broadcaster Sat.1 distanced itself from him after the scandal, RTL also followed suit and justified his commitment to “Viva La Diva” like this: “We distance ourselves from the statements made by Faisal Kawusi on social media in April. ‘Viva La Diva’ was already recorded in March 2022.” And further: “There is no place for discrimination and disrespect here, everyone involved agrees.”

Finally, Amira Pocher said: “What I roughly checked is: Faisal Kawusi is no longer allowed to appear anywhere. There will always be a shitstorm. He must never be present on TV again. He can now give up his career because no matter what people he’s around or what he’s doing, there’s always going to be trouble because he really made a very unnecessary and really inappropriate comment.”

However, the 29-year-old saw the whole thing like this: “He’s not a criminal, he’s not a perpetrator. But yes, I understood the principle. To be honest, that doesn’t surprise me either. It is exactly what is happening more often now. I think you have to find a direction now.”


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