Oliver Pocher flirted with his wife Janni Hönscheid

Janni Hönscheid and Peer Kusmagk met and fell in love through a TV show.Image: Joshua Sammer/ Getty Images

Janni Hönscheid and Peer Kusmagk met in 2016 on the show “Adam sucht Eva – Celebrities in Paradise”. Since 2016, the two have officially been going through life together as lovers. A year later, they said yes to each other romantically. In 2017, their son Emil Ocean was born. Yoko and Merlin followed. The family now lives on the sunny island of Mallorca.

In an interview with RTL, they spoke about the ups and downs of their relationship and their book “The Call of Your Heart: How to Learn to Trust Your Feelings and Shape Your Life Freely”. A passage from it caused a great deal of amazement, because Peer now told how his wife Janni once got Oliver Pocher’s phone number.

Peer Kusmagk reports on the encounter between Oliver and Janni

First, the former king of the jungle revealed: “There was a moment when we both took off our wedding rings on the beach and wondered whether we were going to continue here or not.” The two of them underestimated the emigration in particular, because they had to leave their friends and their familiar environment. But the couple mastered the crisis. Peer emphasized: “Fortunately, we got the curve and remembered that we made a promise to each other in good times and in bad. That’s why we’re still sitting here today.”

Moderator Kena Amoa finally came up with another factor that can also strain a relationship: “Now you’re both sexy and in public. How do you deal with the temptations of this industry? Do you also have the issue of jealousy?” Janni initially reported that she had actually already been jealous:

“There have been a few situations. Peer took part in a dance show like that. That was shortly after confinement. I was really exhausted, I didn’t sleep and then there was a picture with Peer and his dance partner. She was wearing a leopard outfit and I was like, ‘What’s up now?’ It was extremely difficult for me to deal with it because I was incredibly dissatisfied with myself, my body. Most of the time it’s a lack of self-love because you’re looking for something you don’t have yourself.”

Finally, Peer also reported a moment that made him ponder: “Janni also describes a situation in the book. You were invited to ‘Markus Lanz’ and told me in a subordinate clause: ‘Oh yes, Oliver Pocher was there too and he gave me his phone number.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.’ Of course I don’t think that’s a good thing at the moment, but on the one hand nobody knew that we were a couple and on the other hand I asked myself at the same time: Is there a reason to be jealous?”

With him, jealousy tends to spur and motivate him. “When I see Janni looking at other guys, I think to myself: ‘I’ll go jogging,’ says Peer.

By the way, in 2016 Janni Hönscheid and Oliver Pocher were both guests of moderator Lanz. There are still photos from the performance on Janni’s homepage. Incidentally, in the same year the love-off with Pocher and tennis player Sabine Lisicki became known. He finally met Amira through Tinder. In 2019 they got married. At that time, the “Let’s Dance” star was already pregnant with her first son. Her second offspring followed in 2020.


On Saturday, Oliver Pocher was the victim of a physical attack by the rapper and comedian Fat Comedy, who slapped the father of the family at a boxing event. The incident is still making waves on the internet days later. Pocher said that he suffered “irreparable damage”, which led to a direct response from Omar aka Fat Comedy. He was unreasonable and explained, among other things, that he was happy to accept Pocher’s complaint – “because you have such an ugly character, like to humiliate people, support people who claim to have been raped even though it’s not true”.

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