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The project took years to come to light and, when he finally got it from the big N’s streaming platform, it was impossible not to rub your hands. But his journey has not been as great as expected.

Netflix Saying Goodbye To The Locke Family Forever in season 3 of lock and key which will be released, as planned, this year. The outcome of the series has been officially announced by its creators and ‘showrunners’, Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill, who a few years ago rolled the blanket over their heads and carried out the ambitious project that had had so many previous attempts but no one. had managed to bring to fruition.

As confirmed by themselves through an official statement, it is not a decision by Netflix for not having met their expectations or anything like that, but rather the possibility of three seasons of lock and key It was already haunting both of their heads almost from the first moment.

Once we started working on the series, we felt that three seasons was the ideal length to bring the story of the Locke family and their adventures in the House of Keys to a satisfying conclusion.

“As storytellers, we are grateful that we were able to tell our version of the incredible story of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez exactly the way we wanted to do it,” they added. “We keep the magical keys, however, for our own personal use.

Released in 2020 to great expectation, the horror and fantasy series lock and key is the adaptation of the successful homonymous comic series published by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez between 2008 and 2013. As in graphic history, Netflix fiction presented us with the story of the Locke family, three brothers who, together with their mother, moved to what was the family mansion of their family clan in the past after the terrible murder his father’s. There they soon discover that the place hides some secrets, starting with some curious magical keys capable of providing incredible powers and unexpected abilities to those who use them.

What they do take a little longer to discover is that there is an evil demon who also wants the keys and who will be willing to do anything to get them and fulfill his purposes.

Although the series keeps the initial premise of the comics intact, Cuse and Averill’s version differs from the original content at various points in its plot, advancing and delaying some events and even dares to introduce new keys. The objective? Ensuring an equally surprising and rewarding strategy for both those who have read the comic and those who have not.

A promising series that took more than a decade but did not fulfill its promise of a phenomenon

The renovation of lock and key for a season 3 was produced even before the premiere of the second, which was undoubtedly a sign of Netflix’s good intentions regarding the series. However, then no intention was confirmed that the third installment was going to be the one that put the finishing touch to the series.

Despite the confidence of Netflix, the truth is that lock and key it was received quite lukewarmly both for new viewers and for those who were already familiar with the comics, who had a strong fan base. Fiction did not disappoint in capital letters, of course not, but it was the same victim of too high a ‘hype’ due to the fact that it was the adaptation of a story really loved by many and that aimed to be a real phenomenon.

Unnecessary changes from the comics and their decaffeinated and less dark tone that the original material was the main criticism of those who were already fans, while the series itself was far from being the revolution of 2020 as it had been commented that it would be.

Which no one can deny the adaptation of Netflix and its creators is the fact of having achieved it. And there were not a few failed attempts to bring comics to the screen.

I summarize a little project historythe first attempt came from the hand of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who came to produce a pilot episode for FOX in 2011 and that even got to be projected in the Comic-Con, but that finally did not get to pass the cut of the chain. Years later, in 2014, it was announced that Kurtzman and Orcy were working on a film trilogy with the production of Universal, but in the end it remained a mere declaration of intent. The second official attempt would come from Hulu, which commissioned a pilot to be directed by Andy Muschietti (That) and assembled a new cast of actors, but, once again, the network decided to reject it as FOX did.

Netflix was able to pull it off and The team will also have the opportunity to send the story off as they wish, with a full third season due out in 2022.

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