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Attention! We have a new star on the scene in “Pantanal”. It’s Matí, the jaguar that made her beautiful debut in the 9 o’clock soap opera.

Matí is 3 years old and lives in NEX Institute that has rescued, rehabilitated, reintroduced, monitored and sheltered jaguars for 21 years. The organization fights against the extinction of this species, so important, top of the chain and, which is so threatened.

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Matí is the jaguar that stars in ‘Pantanal’ — Photo: Instituto NEX

“Matí was the jaguar that we chose for this character. Matí is today the ambassador of our cause. She lost her freedom when she was still a cub. As she lost her mother, she was taken care of by humans and ended up losing her wild instinct. more recurrent, unfortunately”, says Daniela Gianni, coordinator of Projects and Activities at Instituto Nex

She explains that Matí has ​​become a peaceful jaguar with the human presence and that makes her release in the forest unfeasible.. “Matí is just one of the many jaguars that had their freedom cut off by the evil of man. But, with this invitation from Globo, we had the opportunity to transform something sad into something positive for the species. And, it was because of Matí’s docility and her calmer temperament, that we chose her to represent the force of nature in the novel.”

Meet Matí, the jaguar that will shine in ‘Pantanal’ — Photo: Instituto NEX

Matí, the jaguar of the Pantanal — Photo: Instituto NEX

But be careful: the jaguar is a wild animal. And, like all wild animals, it can’t and shouldn’t be a pet. In the case of Matí, she arrived at the institute humanized.

Meet Matí, the jaguar that will shine in ‘Pantanal’ — Photo: Instituto NEX

A license was obtained from the Mato Grosso do Sul Environment Institute (IMASUL) for recordings on the farms and with the animals. It also received authorization from the state secretariats for the environment in Goiás and Pará. It is important to emphasize that the production of the soap opera complied with the guidelines issued by environmental agencies. Always prioritizing animal welfare. Among the various measures adopted, they were kept in a calm and stress-free environment, with thermal comfort and provision of food and water when waiting or resting.

Here are some interesting facts about jaguars:

Learn more about Matí, the jaguar that will shine in ‘Pantanal’ — Photo: TV Globo

➡ They can be 2.70 meters long

➡ They feed on small mammals, reptiles and birds to large ones such as tapirs, peccaries, deer, alligators, anacondas

➡ Can have 1 to 4 puppies

➡ Gestation lasts from 90 to 111 days

➡ They are diurnal and nocturnal animals

➡Usually to be lonely

➡ They live in almost every biome in Brazil, except the Pampa

➡ The coat varies from light yellow to ocreaceous brown and is characterized by black spots in the form of rosettes of different sizes.

➡ And look how interesting: These rosettes are like a “fingerprint” of the animal and serve to differentiate it, as each individual has a unique coat pattern.

➡ There is also the melanic variation of the species, which are jaguars with a black background color, but which also have rosettes

To learn more about jaguar:

➡National Center for Research and Conservation of Carnivorous Mammals

➡ National Action Plan for the Conservation of the Jaguar

Review scenes with Matí:

Gil decides to face a jaguar

Maria saves Gil

Maria saves Gil

Pay attention: ALL chapters of the first week of “Pantanal” (28/03 to 02/04) will be open on Globoplay until the night of the 4th!

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