‘Pata’ program promises to strengthen the animal cause in Guarapuava

Launch of the ‘Pata’ program in Guarapuava (Photo: Vallery Amanda/RSN)

The high number of abandoned animals only reminds the animal cause that the municipality has been raising. Dogs, cats and horses are part of those who suffer on the streets and are also mistreated. Faced with this problem, the Secretary of the Environment launched this Tuesday (5), the Animal Protection, Adoption and Treatment program (Pata), in the Chalé do Parque das Araucárias.

The idea is that through the project, the animal cause is better disseminated and debated by the community. Thus, the government, NGOs and educational institutions and other spheres of society can start working together on an effective public policy.

The first step will be the expansion of the Municipal Kennel with the creation of several wings. The space will allow animals with infectious diseases to be separated from others. In addition to providing a veterinary clinic for them to be attended, as well as rescued pets. According to the Environment Secretary, Celso Araújo, the maximum capacity of the kennel is 150 animals. However, lately the area has held up to 200 and the number has not decreased.

We already had this concern with animal welfare, but now we will be able to act better with the expansion of space. Let’s take the old kennel part and let’s renovate it. In addition, we will equip Castra Móvel to leave abandoned animals and low-income families in the neighborhoods and castrate. In this way, the number of abandoned animals on the streets can decrease.

According to information, the Kennel team rescues about 30 animals a week. On the other hand, the average number of donations in the same period is 7 to 10. That is, there are still about 20 animals that are waiting for a new home and require care.

The president of the Guarapuava Animal Protection Association, Grazielle Losso explained that she also faces the same problem. This has been the biggest challenge in the pet protection network. That’s because, many people don’t see that an animal is a responsibility and not something disposable.

We have to guide people that a pet is a life that needs care. We are dealing with a lack of financial resources and a challenge of keeping all these animals. When we rescue an animal from the street that is debilitated, it needs veterinary care and this is often taken out of our pocket.

Therefore, today’s launch (5) sought to bring together those who want to contribute to the project. On the occasion, Mayor Celso Góes stated that the project should be open to work together. He defended the creation of a communication channel with all those involved in the cause.

So everyone can bring ideas to make a public policy in the short term. We need to have an animal cause department to have control and make things work. It’s a problem we need to face, it’s time. With everyone together, we managed to create a confrontation and a public policy.


(Photo: Lucas Rodrigues/RSN)

In 2021, Castra Móvel passed through several neighborhoods of Guarapuava promoting free castration to animals in these places. However, this was a project in partnership with the State Government.

The mobile unit available in the municipality belonged to the SUS and is now undergoing a bidding process to soon be on the streets. Thus, the vehicle will stay about a month in each neighborhood, to serve the population.


In addition to working with domestic animals, in Guarapuava one should also pay attention to wild animals and horses. According to the Semag team, there is an understanding that horses are a means of transport for some people. However, the person responsible must provide care for the animal and not exhaust it.

In case of irregularities, the team guides the owner and in the case of recurrence, a fine is applied. So far, the team has rescued about four horses. The Pata program will also provide medicines for the animals treated, such as these.

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