Patriota used public money to buy dog ​​food and employ family of leader | Malu Gaspar

The tumultuous attempt to affiliate Jair Bolsonaro with the Patriota, last year, caused the then party president, Adilson Barroso, to be removed from office, accused of having acted without consulting his co-religionists and without respecting the legend’s statute.

But Barroso’s commitment to joining the Bolsonaro family is nothing compared to his effort to favor his own family. over the nine years in which he was in charge of Patriota – from 2012 to 2021.

According to an analysis by the technical area of ​​the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), obtained exclusively by the column, the caption worked as a job hanger for family members of Adilson Barroso. The party even used public money to buy dog ​​food and fireworks.

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In 2018 alone, the year in which the party received BRL 7 million in public money, via the Party Fund, TSE technicians discovered expenses of BRL 9,400 for dog food, BRL 2,000 for fireworks and BRL 2,000 for fireworks. $40,000 with fuel for just two vehicles from a foundation linked to the legend.

This was the first time that the TSE encountered animal feed spending when analyzing party accounts.

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But one of the biggest expenses was with the salaries of the Barroso family: Adilson himself, who was the president of the legend, received R$ 532 thousand in salaries. Another R$ 590,400 to pay employees – the president’s wife at the time, his ex, two children, four brothers and five nephews.

“The concentration of resources in the national directory is made possible and evidenced in the perpetuation of its members, who are family members of the (then) president”, emphasize the TSE technicians.

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The report highlights an organizational chart of the Patriota structure that looks more like a family tree of the Barroso family.

TSE report points out that family members of Adilson Barroso dominated positions in the national directory of Patriota

The analysis by the Advisory Board for Examination of Electoral and Party Accounts (Asepa) of the TSE also found that most of the party’s expenses benefited the then wife of Barroso, Cássia Barroso, who concentrated 94% of the party’s expenses with accommodation, 84% with tickets airlines and 100% with vehicle rental. Cássia is president of Patriota Mulher, an arm of the party aimed at women.

The report found that the party paid R$41,000 for Claudiana Oliveira do Amaral’s company to supply meat and food, but found no evidence that the products were consumed at party events. The company is an affiliate of the association and does not have employees registered in the system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

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“Such payments do not comply with constitutional principles, such as morality and economy”, the document points out.

The National Ecological Foundation, founded and maintained by the party, was also targeted by the TSE due to the lack of activities that should justify its raison d’être.

“The fundamental mission of the foundation, of preparing future representatives of the Legislative and the Executive, was not evidenced, since there are no expenses in the accounting with the organization of events and seminars”, says the report.

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Over 44 pages, Asepa also accuses Patriota of having forwarded the documentation “in a disorganized way, disobeying the chronological order of payments and separately attaching documents proving expenses, such as: bank receipts, slips and invoices”.

“Such a procedure is disrespectful to the Electoral Justice, makes the examination difficult, increases the analysis time and leads to delays in the judgment of the accounts”, criticizes the TSE’s advisory.

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The report obtained by the column is still subject to change, according to clarifications that may be presented by Patriota.

The Electoral Public Prosecutor’s Office is yet to manifest.

The final document will contain a statement from the technical area on the legend’s 2018 accounts, which are awaiting judgment in the TSE plenary. The case is under the rapporteurship of the current vice president of the TSE, Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

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Wanted by the column’s team, Barroso said he did everything in accordance with the law. “The food didn’t come from the party, it went to the city’s kennel. And the two thousand (Reais) of fireworks went to the national convention of the 2018 elections. About spending on employees, the law allows, because you can’t manage a party alone ”, he tried to justify.

Barroso said he only employed family members because it took him five years to assemble the party. “They’re the ones who helped me ride it.”

The work of inspecting party expenditures carried out by the TSE is in the sights of a controversial project in progress in Congress – the new Electoral Code -, which allows the acronyms to hire private companies to audit their accounts, instead of having the expenses detailed by a team from the court itself.

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As revealed by O GLOBO, the TSE is already charging R$ 65.1 million from the parties for irregularities in the rendering of accounts in the use of the 2016 Party Fund budget.

The 2018 inspection is still being finalized – not only in Patriota, but in other parties.

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“If the new Electoral Code is approved by the Senate as it came from the Chamber, the identification of this type of irregularity would be totally unfeasible, since the analysis carried out by the Electoral Justice technicians would have to be restricted to merely formal accounting aspects and would be authorized to carry out any type of expenditure, even unrelated to party political activity”, warns the lawyer Marcelo Issa, director of the Party Transparency Movement.

“And even if some expenditure were considered to be irregular, no penalty could be applied if this expenditure does not exceed 20% of the total received, which can mean a real license to irregularly use tens of millions of reais of public money.”

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