PayRetailers has taken steps to integrate Chile’s Paygol and Colombia’s Pago Digital into the $85 billion Latin American e-commerce market. -2022

Barcelona, ​​Spain – (commercial wire) –retailersa leading LATAM FinTech payments expert, today announced the acquisition of two online payment sites, Bacol, Chile and Paco Digital, Colombia. As the company moves to realize the potential of e-commerce payments in Latin America, both acquisitions strengthen the breadth and depth of PayRetailers.

பேகோல் AND Paco Digital Providing innovative technologies and financial product packages, a clear customer focus, strong financial security (such as PCI compliance) and cross-border payment capabilities (PayRetailers acquisition criteria) with a comprehensive presence and understanding within local markets.

Paygol and Digital Payment support comprehensive payment options. These capabilities further strengthen PayRetailers’ card processing capabilities in Latin America. Both brands have invested in notoriety: Paygol Official sponsor of the Copa Chile Fácil 2022; And Digital Payment announces sponsorship of the main soccer tournament in Colombia – BetPlay DIMAYOR League.

LATAM simplifies rates

To date, LATAM has been affected by the unparalleled B2B e-commerce payment environment, which has forced online merchants to integrate services across multiple countries, regulatory jurisdictions and currencies.

PayRetailers facilitates B2B electronic commerce with a unique, intuitive and effective LATAM online payment platform. The strategy is to combine local innovation and intelligence, pan-regional reach and world-class FinTech investment to identify, select and source the right candidate companies.

PayRetailers Founder and CEO Juan Pablo Jutgla said: “Countries, communities, businesses and individuals are being transformed by e-commerce. High local access to vast international markets will create new investment, jobs, education and opportunity for millions of people across our continent.”

“Both Digital Payment and Paygol share our vision of democratizing fundraising and clearly expressing commitment to local communities through sponsorship. Today’s acquisitions lead us to a free, unrestricted and open e-commerce payment platform that brings funds from Tierra del Fuego to Punta Gallinas.

Measuring LATAM Suppliers

The acquisition gives PayGet and Digital Payment access to PayRetailers’ comprehensive FinTech knowledge, marketing resources and financial investment.

Carlos Varas, CEO of Bacol, said: “Bacol strongly believes in the power of local knowledge to bridge international borders. To truly unlock the potential of eCommerce business in LATAM, we now share with PayRetailers as we move forward together.

Pago Digital CEO William Talero said: “Pago Digital was established with the goal of simple and accessible online payment. We have come a long way in 10 years and now we are excited to move to the next level with PayRetailers: providing the best opportunity to our clients by sharing technologies, experience and ideas.

Royal Park Partners Paco has served as exclusive strategic and financial advisor to PayRetailers on digital acquisitions.

As part of its strategic development roadmap, PayRetailers plans to expand its presence in LATAM. This includes deepening existing networks in the main LATAM countries, with growing ambitions in Central America and the Caribbean.

LATAM Capability Realization

PayRetailers’ mission to integrate and simplify e-commerce fees has the potential to drive today’s operating market. As LATAM e-commerce grows rapidly, it reaches rating US$85 billion In 2021, it will be dwarfed by areas with such integrated payment systems. Europe (approximately US$530 billion) and For us & Canada (Approximately US$500 billion).

Juan Pablo Jutgla concluded: “PayRetailers’ mission is simple: to materialize the vast e-commerce potential of LATAM. The clarity of this purpose drives us when we get the right companies at the right time to offer the right skills. As Paygol and Pago Digital provide a powerful new presence in Chile and Colombia, we are at the forefront of e-commerce integration and simplification to deliver seamless payment experiences to customers in LATAM and beyond.


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