Pensioners can be pulled over the table

Sometimes the sellers don’t even know what treasures they are bringing to the junk show. Unfortunately, that sometimes pays off.

It is not without reason that the experts are there “Bares for Rares”. After all, they are supposed to tell the sellers what their goods are really worth before they unsuspectingly stumble into the dealer’s room and part with their rarities for far too little money. From time to time, however, any well-intentioned advice is in vain.

Unfortunately, this is also the case with Stefan. The 60-year-old early retiree had brought a so-called Game & Watch multi-screen device to the junk show, from Nintendo. It is actually one of the earliest game consoles ever, because the device on which a Mario Bros. game is pre-installed, dates from 1983. Stefan and moderator Horst Lichter had to have all of this explained to them by expert Colmar Schulte-Goltz, because for the two of them they were all Bohemian villages.

It was also in 1983 that Stefan’s brother brought the game console with him from Japan, but according to his own statement, he didn’t play it properly, even though he had created an English user manual for it. Maybe that’s why the device was still in top condition, as Schulte-Goltz found out. In addition, the original packaging including the Japanese instructions for use was available, which the expert appreciated with the words “that’s special”, even if the console was produced in millions.

The pensioner asked for 50 to 70 euros for his rarity and made it clear once again that he didn’t know what to do with his possessions. “Games & Watch multi-screen, then Japanese, that’s something that collectors appreciate,” explained Schulte-Goltz. But they would then have to be very specialized in such products, which cannot be expected from the “Bares for Rares” dealers. The expert still had to because of the rarity of the console 200 to 240 euros start. “Oh, oh,” Horst Lichter vented his astonishment and Stefan seemed to gasp for a moment because of the surprise. You might also be triggered by these other iconic rarities:

Seller responded to bad “Bares for Rares” offer

With cautious optimism, the early retiree was allowed to go to the dealer’s room. Walter “Waldi” Lehnerztz welcomed the games console with a warm “It’s definitely a cult”. Waldi countered Julian Schmitz-Avila’s first bid of 50 euros directly with the usual 80 euros and then… there was an embarrassed silence.

Nobody wanted to bid on the Nintendo console. Stefan revealed the expertise as a last resort, to which Waldi replied: “I’ll do ‘N Hunni.” “Well, if nobody does anything anymore…” said the pensioner almost resignedly and actually agreed to the offer. Although he had exceeded his desired price, it was still far below the expertise.

Cash for Rares: The most exciting stories, the most interesting objects, the most sensational Ge

Cash for Rares: The most exciting stories, the most interesting objects, the most sensational Ge

The price may be higher now. Price as of 4/6/2022 1:03 AM

Accordingly, there were almost stunned comments about this deal on Instagram. “He’d be up [eBay] got away for a lot more, it’s a shame he let himself be pulled off like that,” was a scathing verdict. “Honestly, he got MUCH too little for it”said another user and another person wrote: “I would have taken it and sold it on eBay.”

The bottom line is that, unfortunately, it really has to be said that Stefan could have improved his pension fund a lot more if he hadn’t accepted the offer from “Bares for Rares”. Of course, this is not a reproach to the local dealers, expert Schulte-Goltz has already warned that they are not specialized enough. So Stefan should have taken the trouble to look outside for a real lover.

The junk show “Bares for Rares” runs from Monday to Friday at 3:05 p.m. on ZDF, repeats can be seen on ZDF Neo at 10:45 a.m. and at 7:20 p.m. The concept of the show hasn’t changed over the years: people like Stefan have their goods appraised by experts and then haggle over the selling price in the dealer’s room.

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