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The pet market is still on the rise in Brazil and, with the July holidays, hotels for dogs have followed the trend, showing high demand. For those traveling during this period, leaving your pet in places like this has been a good alternative. However, the question that always hangs in the air is: what to consider when choosing the ideal location?

Before thinking about the hotel itself, you need to understand your pet. That is, how their personality, characteristics and behaviors work, which is the starting point for any research.

“What he likes, what he doesn’t like, what are his favorite toys and how he behaves away from you. This general knowledge helps to make any type of adaptation much easier for the animal, because everything that we already know he doesn’t like it, we can avoid it – or train him to condition himself”, explains veterinarian Bruno Picolotto.

With a sector that grew 14% in the first quarter of 2022, compared to the same period last year, according to a survey by the Instituto Pet Brasil (IPB), the pet world is constantly reinventing itself to serve its audience.

This is the case of the hotel by Tânia Mara Rosa Seabra, located in Marília, in the interior of São Paulo. The place is a kind of farm, where the animals are free and play in the grass. The structure also has air-conditioned rooms, beds and sofas. The demand during the month of school recess doubled in the place.

The arrival of these new guests, in turn, is also capable of generating a chain of jobs, as the manpower to maintain the place is also necessary.

“If before, on ordinary days, we received an average of 20 animals a day, between Thursday and Sunday we received 40 dogs a day. With that, we had to reinforce gardening services”, says Tânia.

According to the owner, in the regular months, gardening and grass weeding services are done once a month. With the high demand in July, she had to add another visit from the professionals to carry out the maintenance, leaving the environment pleasant for the eyes of the tutors, as well as offering well-being for the dogs.

High demand drives search for other services related to animal welfare — Photo: Tânia Mara Rosa Seabra/Personal archive

Why the boom in this market?

Just over 800,000 pet dogs entered Brazilian homes, which today have around 55.9 million dogs, according to the latest census conducted by the Instituto Pet Brasil.

The increase in the time of tutors at home, due to the home office, boosted the adoption or purchase of pets and, now, with the gradual return of face-to-face work, the demand for hotels and daycares for dogs grows.

According to the IPB, there was an increase of 15.6% in the income of the sector of general services for pets, of which daycare centers are part of the hotels, between December 2020 and December 2021. The revenue from this slice corresponds to to almost 10% of the total pet market in the country, equivalent to almost R$ 5 billion.

The owner of one of these hotels, Juliana de Freitas Pereira, celebrates the result of the sector, which has been boosting not only the accommodation of pets in her establishment, but also the search for other services related to animal welfare.

“With the arrival of more guests, there is an increase in the number of other services, such as bathing and grooming, veterinary care, since the animals only come in with up-to-date vaccinations and training”, he says.

In July alone, the local figures point to a 90% increase in demand for accommodation, a record well above the expectations of the owners and which, according to them, are reflections of the pandemic.

“Before, high demand like this was only felt on the end of the year holidays. We are surprised by the movement and believe that the reason for the high demand is a possible retraction caused by the pandemic and that now tutors are safer to travel “, he adds.

The place offers several games for the recreation of the dogs, which are separated in order of size. To cope with the demand, the company hired two freelancers for the weekends, one for the grooming and the other for the hotel business.

Hygiene, adequate space and contract are some good prerequisites when choosing the location — Photo: Tânia Mara Rosa Seabra/Personal archive

Good indications and evaluations, hygiene, adequate space and contract are some good prerequisites when choosing the place. Of course, even so, you should check the items, already limiting your search.

The internet also makes this process much easier. Reviews both on social networks and on specific websites allow you to get a sense of the experience of other customers.

After the first filter in the search, visiting the places also becomes an essential move. Pay attention to hygiene, if the animals that are there seem happy and comfortable, if there is clean water available and if the kennels are of considerable size.

Also make sure there is space available for him to play, exercise and be loose most of the time. The kennel should only be used for bedtime, so that the pets are safe. The point is not for them to be stuck all the time.

It is also essential that the hotel has staff 24 hours a day, for security reasons and to be on the lookout for any sign of a problem with the pets.

Places must be of considerable size so that animals can play — Photo: Tânia Mara Rosa Seabra/Personal archive

A veterinary professional is also a key factor. If the professional is not on site, make sure there is an agreement with a nearby clinic and that it is open 24 hours a day.

Regarding security, gates, railings and barriers must be in every corner of the hotel in order to protect the place as much as possible and avoid any possibility of escape.

Remember that a place like this can hold several animals at the same time, which makes it difficult to pay particular attention. That’s why you should make sure he’s safe and won’t have the slightest chance of escaping.

When deciding to leave your pet in a hotel, it is necessary that you cover a series of documents and requirements from the administration of the place.

If they don’t, don’t think it’s because they’re nice or they’re making your life easier. If they don’t ask for you, they don’t ask for the other customers either, which can compromise your pet’s health. Among the requirements are:

  • Vaccination and deworming book up to date;
  • Proof that your pet is sociable and not aggressive;
  • Explain your pet’s routine, diet, health and behavior;
  • Owner’s data, including emergency numbers of you and someone you know who is nearby and can go to the location if necessary.

Make sure a veterinary professional is also on site — Photo: Tânia Mara Rosa Seabra/Personal archive

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