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SolarEdge Home is an energy ecosystem for the home, designed to adapt to the changing energy needs, preferences and lifestyle of citizens, both day and night. It goes beyond photovoltaic production and allows homeowners to optimize their solar energy production, use and storage. This easy-to-use system is a true paradigm shift for homeowners who want to take control of their energy and be less dependent on utility companies and rising fuel costs.

SolarEdge’s home operating system does all of the energy management, knowing when and how much energy to store in the battery, how to best balance home energy loads for maximum savings, the most cost-effective way to charge an electric car, and how to ensure May the energy always be ready.

Homeowners can grow with their SolarEdge Home system, adding new devices and features as their needs change or to fit their finances. This scalable approach translates to long-term customer relationships and more referrals. Suitable for single-phase and three-phase applications, it consists of the SolarEdge Smart Modules with integrated power optimizer, SolarEdge Home inverters, the home battery, the backupthe devices smartenergy such as SolarEdge electric vehicle charger, hot water regulator and meters (meters) smart.
SolarEdge Home is managed from a single app, mySolarEdge, which allows homeowners to manage and track their home’s solar energy use, energy savings and carbon emissions reduction.

Designed for installers
For installers, the SolarEdge Home portfolio is designed to simplify installation from design to commissioning and reduce the time it takes to complete it, thanks to its wireless connectivity. plug and play. Automatic device discovery and configuration via a dedicated app means less time on the shop floor and reduced labor requirements. Installers use the monitoring portal to easily monitor and troubleshoot each plant, with minimal effort.

“Interacting with a single software package and warranty, as well as a single virtual and online support team and a single source of training, is a huge advantage for installers who would otherwise have to juggle several providers”, they point out from SolarEdge.

SolarEdge’s industrial inverters and power optimizers are designed to ensure system owners extract the maximum energy from their property, safely. By activating Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology in each module, the system generates maximum production. By mitigating the mismatches (mismatch) of the modules, between 2% and 5% more energy production can be generated during the first year and up to 10% more during the useful life of the system, compared to photovoltaic installations with string inverters. The additional energy is achieved through greater design flexibility that allows maximum use of space.

“Industrial customers also choose SolarEdge products because it offers a secure solution they can trust. SolarEdge solutions meet and even exceed the industry’s most stringent security standards required by governments and insurance companies.

S Series Power Optimizers – Arc Flash Prevention
While SolarEdge power optimizers have always been a core component in superior facility security, newcomers to the S-Series take industrial property security to a whole new level. The S1200 Power Optimizer features Sense Connect technology, a patented technology that identifies abnormal temperatures in connectors that could pose a risk, before they can develop into an arc flash. Once identified, the inverter automatically switches the system to a safe mode and voltage, and a notification is sent to the Monitoring Portal and to SetApp (the installer app) with the exact location of the incident. Another feature is an improved cable design that makes installation easier and reduces insulation failure.

SolarEdge inverter 330kW @690V for large-scale systems
This storage-ready, DC-coupled inverter for large-scale PV plants is combined with H1300 power optimizers to deliver a lower cost per watt. Module-level MPPT and mismatch mitigation, as well as DC/AC oversizing capability of up to 200%, are critical for the installation to achieve higher yields. Supporting a record string length of 40-80 modules, the inverter considerably minimizes balance of system costs. This solution is ideal for both centralized and distributed deployment topologies.

Other features include night PID rectifier, Var/Q @ night capabilities for reactive power generation, and an operating temperature range that provides 100% power up to 50C. SolarEdge installation software enables pre-commissioning for automatic validation of system components and wiring prior to grid connection, replacing the need for an additional AC source such as diesel generators. Once the system is installed, module-level monitoring provides precise visibility for actionable insights and remote troubleshooting.

Three-phase inverter with Synergy technology, up to 120 kW
SolarEdge presents the inverter that has been installed in a large number of industrial installations this year throughout Spain, and for good reason. The inverter is modular and includes two or three Synergy units and a Synergy Manager, with each unit operating individually to ensure longer uptime for the entire installation. Thanks to this design, installation is an easy project for two people. Featuring temperature sensors that detect faulty DC or AC connections, field-replaceable and monitored surge protection devices, built-in arc-fault protection, and optional quick disconnect (as well as PID-induced degradation mitigation and 150% oversizing). ), this investor may be the safest bet to date.

Roofs, car parks, agrovoltaic and floating photovoltaic
SolarEdge offers industry solutions to help reduce energy costs and achieve ESG goals (environmental, social and governance). By uniting SolarEdge products to provide comprehensive power generation, management and usage capabilities, companies can advance new business strategies that can generate revenue while reducing operating costs and achieving sustainability goals.

SolarEdge.  Solar parking canopy

Solar canopy in a parking lot in Ibiza, with a power of 97 kW

Some of the customized solutions are dedicated to solar canopies, agrivoltaics and floating photovoltaic systems, which provide crucial value to companies facing modern energy challenges. With module-level power electronics and a monitoring portal that makes it easy to monitor and maintain large installations while extracting more energy from the sun, SolarEdge helps industries adopt profitable sustainability strategies. . Security is critical in each of these sectors, and SolarEdge technology is uniquely suited to these challenges.”

• Article published in the June 2022 issue of Renewable energy on paper


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