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The onchoradiotherapist Dauler Souza explains that it is recommended that healthy adults perform routine exams every two years. (Photo: Publicity)

When was the last time you visited your doctor? If it’s more than six months old, it’s time to come back for a routine appointment. After all, it is not only when we are sick that we should look for this professional. The action is one of the highlights of World Health Day and indicates that a routine consultation with the health professional and the initial diagnosis of diseases are fundamental for the quality of life.

When we talk about health care, it is common for people to still think about treatment, but not prevention. There is still some resistance and the challenge is to educate people about this. According to Dauler Souza, an onchoradiotherapist at Oncoradium – Centro Oncológico de Aracaju, for most people, making periodic visits to the doctor is considered unnecessary, especially among men.

“Keeping your health up to date is essential for anyone who wants to live long and with quality. Routine exams are very important for maintaining health and preventing silent diseases. That’s because these tests help check for any health problems before they show symptoms. Remembering that many diseases do not show signs when they are in the beginning, so the sooner they are identified, the better the treatment will be,” he said.

The onchoradiotherapist Dauler Souza explains that it is recommended that healthy adults perform routine exams every two years. People who smoke, are obese or sedentary, are advised to visit the doctor annually. In the case of people with chronic problems, such as diabetes and hypertension, routine exams should be done every six months. The Covid-19 pandemic also contributed to a reduction in the frequency of patients in routine consultations. With fear of contamination by the coronavirus, many people postponed going to the doctor’s office for fear of contracting the disease. But with the reduction in the number of cases and the resumption of activities, it is time to also resume health care.

“Measures for the prevention of Covid-19 will continue for a long time. But in addition to respecting basic care, it is important that people do not miss their routine appointments and exams”, highlighted Dr. Dauler Souza.

Physical and mental well-being

In addition to regularly attending the doctor and having periodic exams, it is essential for excellent health to take care of physical and mental well-being. The practice of physical activities and healthy eating habits are essential factors in the search for quality of life. “Among the care and habits that are essential to take good care of the body and mind are exercising regularly, eating well and not forgetting about hydration. Ensuring you’re getting enough sleep, avoiding harmful habits like drinking too much alcohol and smoking, are other important steps to maintain a good quality of life on a day-to-day basis.”

Mental health is also directly related to the search for quality of life. According with the doctor. Dauler Souza, emotional issues directly interfere with routine and deprive us of fully enjoying our vitality. “We often neglect mental health and this ends up influencing our quality of life and well-being. It is no use just taking care of the health of the physical body, because the mind directly impacts our decisions and the energy we put into daily tasks,” he said.

The doctor also points out that despite the large amount of information on the subject, there is still a lot of prejudice related to mental disorders, often associating mental illness with weakness of character and lack of willpower. “It is important to understand that mental health needs proper diagnosis and treatment and should be viewed in the same way as physical health. The dissemination of knowledge is the only way to break these paradigms. Everyone feels anxious from time to time, but anxiety disorders are different,” he said.

Also according to the onchotherapy therapist, anxiety disorders can also make breathing, sleep, stillness and concentration difficult. The main symptom is fear or excessive worry. “Your specific symptoms depend on the type of anxiety disorder. Common symptoms are feelings of panic, sleep problems, not being able to stay calm and still, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, thinking about a problem repeatedly and not being able to stop, inability to concentrate, among others. People should look for a general practitioner or psychiatrist if they notice any of these symptoms for a proper evaluation and initiation of treatment, which may include medications and psychobehavioral therapies,” he advised.

a little each day

The onchoradiotherapist doctor Dauler Souza also highlights that it is possible to do a little more each day in search of a healthier routine and better quality of life. “A few small changes to your routine can make life easier, without requiring a lot of effort. Try to start with small choices and you will find that it will be easier to manage your routine. Exercise more, eat well, sleep eight hours a day, don’t worry so much, take care of your physical and mental health,” he suggested.

The Doctor. Dauler Souza also highlights that when someone embraces these healthy practices, it is possible to enjoy a series of advantages for their health and quality of life, whether in the personal or professional sphere. “Unfortunately, not everyone invests in the idea, either due to lack of time, or due to the arrival of technology, which, indirectly, encourages the population to lead a more sedentary life. For this reason, it is extremely important that companies, schools, health units and the press frequently carry out campaigns to promote the regular practice of physical exercises and healthy eating, as a way of maintaining the well-being of people”, he concluded. .

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