Pietro Lombardi answers openly to the sex question

Pietro Lombardi is not a big party-goer: “It’s just not my world,” he explained on Instagram.Image: imago images / imago images

Pietro Lombardi is undoubtedly one of the most successful singers who started their career with “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. In 2011 he won the RTL casting show alongside his later ex-wife Sarah Engels, who became second and with whom he has a six-year-old son. Pietro and Sarah’s love may be passé, but Pietro’s career is not. In 2021 and 2022 alone, four of his hits ended up in the top 10 of the German charts. And when Pietro goes on tour, he plays to sold-out halls.

Pietro also knows who he owes this success to: his fans. Just a few weeks ago, the 29-year-old dedicated some loving lines to them online. Among other things, he wrote: “Even if I still have the ‘DSDS’ stamp for most radio stations and I’m not played on principle, my community is so strong that we can do anything without a big machine.”

The “Vorbei” interpreter also has a huge fan base on Instagram: Two million users follow him on the image and video platform. To give back to his community, Pietro regularly hosts Q&A sessions on Instagram. This time he revealed, among other things, a surprising detail about himself and answered a spicy sex question.

That’s why Pietro Lombardi is not a party guy

As part of the question and answer session, a user spoke to him about a party Pietro had been to. It was about a party by influencer Twenty4Tim, who recently released his first single “Bling Bling”. According to the user, Pietro should have asked during the celebration what he should do here. Pietro commented on this claim in his Instagram story and made it clear:

“Tim knows that I hate parties, no matter which one.”

Pietro addressed this question, among others, in his Q&A session.

Pietro addressed this question, among others, in his Q&A session.Screenshot instagram.com/pietrolombardi

The singer went on to explain that he’s not a party person and only went there to support his friend Tim. But he never badmouthed the party or slandered Tim, that was “complete nonsense,” he explained and added: “Let people talk. Believe me, Tim knows I love him or I’d never be at the party.”

That would actually have already answered the question, but it was still important for Pietro to note that he also attended other celebrations, such as his buddy Stefano Zarrella, would also run away after ten minutes. He also gave the reason for this:

“It’s just not my world, all these drunk people, so I’m always the first to come home.”

Pietro Lombardi answers sex question

Some questions also revolved around Pietro’s private life. For example, a fan wanted to know when he last had sex. Pietro’s answer was:

“Easy two to four days gross ago.”

Pietro also answered this sex question on Instagram.

Pietro also answered this sex question on Instagram.Screenshot instagram.com/pietrolombardi

However, Sarah Engels’ ex-husband added laughing emojis. So how seriously he really meant this answer cannot be said for sure.

Pietro also revealed when asked that his first children’s book will be published soon. In 2018 his book “Hero papa in the chaos of crumbs: My new life” came onto the market. Now the native of Karlsruhe wants to storm the bestseller list again.


Last week, the Leipzig public prosecutor brought charges against Gil Ofarim. The singer and actor is accused of defamation and false suspicions after he claimed a good six months ago that he had been attacked anti-Semitically in a Leipzig hotel belonging to The Westin chain. After taking witness statements and evaluating the surveillance cameras, the public prosecutor’s office has doubts about Ofarim’s descriptions of the course of events. For this reason, the proceedings against the hotel employee have now been discontinued.

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