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The Barcelona Food Fair has returned four years later and stronger than ever. In it, Danone has been presented for the first time with all of its integrated businesses. Among its main novelties, the Greek Danone stands out in the iconic glass format, and the new variety Danone skyr, Activia, Actimel, Oikos, YoPRO, Alpro Barista and Alpro Protein, Lanjaron Naked, as well as Almiron Duobiotik and Fortimel Protein.

The brand has confirmed its strong commitment to continue being a reference in all homes, betting on innovation and the quality of its products, as indicated Cédric Pantaleon, Vice President of Sales at Danone Iberia: “Being leaders in the sector forces us to be ambitious and demanding in order to connect with a generation that expects differential proposals from brands and with a purpose that connects with their identity”.

Plant-based foods are already in 45% of Spanish households and 98% of these consumers of vegetable alternatives regularly consume milk and dairy yogurt

The company has the most powerful sales force and annually supplies more than 13.5 million homes through 360,000 points of sale throughout the country, advancing towards a healthy and sustainable food model, with the aim of accompanying the consumer at all stages of life.

Leader in Spain in vegetable alternatives and protein-based products

Danone leads the growth spaces in both categories hand in hand with YoPRO and Alpro. “There are opportunities to be brave and innovate with proposals that make a difference, we want to do it with the objective of transforming the food system towards a healthy and sustainable one” he says Guillaume Millet, vice president of plant based at Danone Iberia.

A purpose that Danone, as the first consumer goods company to be a B Corp, materializes through its brands. Among them is Alpro, recognized as one of the best B Corps in the world, and absolute leader in its category with more than €1,000 million in turnover. In the last year alone, it has grown by 20% and the goal is to be the number one contributor to business growth in Europe.

Danone has been decisive in promoting the penetration of plant based in Spain, the second country in the European Union with the largest presence of plant-based products (42%).

In the field of proteins, Danone has managed to double the business it has reaped with YoPRO, leader in the segment by doubling penetration in beverages, thanks to relevant innovations with unique flavors and formats in the market and an increase in distribution.

Danone focused on the health of people at all stages of life

“We have fed three generations and we are already on the fourth. We have more than one hundred years of experience behind us when it comes to providing health through food, and putting specialized nutrition at the service of patients. It is a pride to be able to say that we have the healthiest portfolio to accompany families in all stages of life”, he points out. Patricia Oliva, director of the Specialized Nutrition division of Danone Iberia.A reflection of this is that Danone began in 2014 a process of reformulating added sugars in all its products to fulfill its commitment to constantly improve nutritional profiles. The objective? Ensure the health of consumers to positively impact the key stages of life with a solid and consistent portfolio.

For 8 years they have made advances that have allowed the company today to reduce added sugar by 30% in yogurts and fermented milks for daily consumption. In fact, 90% of Danone’s portfolio in Spain corresponds to healthy products for daily consumption.

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In addition, from the field of specialized nutrition, the company is at the side of people with specific nutritional needs, from the baby’s first 1,000 days to old age and at times when nutrition is key to dealing with certain diseases. In addition, the company is close to the medical community to promote research in the field of specialized nutrition. In fact, during the pandemic, the company donated €1 million worldwide to encourage research on the role of nutrition in the recovery of the COVID patient.

At a global level, Danone is a benchmark in infant nutrition, with leading products in the market in Spain, and leaders in Europe in specialized nutrition for adults.

“We focus on the needs of today’s consumer with a strong commitment to R&D as a differential DNA. We are working on a new range of products that support active health prevention and help to age in a healthy way. At Danone, we are aware of the importance of nutrition over health, especially as we get older”, she concludes.

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