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About 500 meters from the busy Santos-Imigrantes Metro station, in the city of Sao Paulo, there is one “resort” for birds. Operating in the open, the place receives free birds that fly over the capital of São Paulo, and the “guests” can take a short break there, eat, hydrate and take flight again.

Advertiser Marcelo Máximo, 53, came up with the idea, in May 2021, of the unusual project, which he named “MM Resort Big Birds”.

Marcelo installed the project on the street where he lives, in the Cursino neighborhood, in the South Zone of the capital. To the publicist’s own surprise, the space receives many visits daily. According to Marcelo, more than 200 birds of different species have passed through the siteas: maritaca, sanhaço, sabiá, bem-te-vi, hummingbird, anu, dove, caracara hawk and a few other birds he admits he was unable to identify.

All this movement forced the creator of the project to expand the facilities, which today has botany, playground with “elevator”, feeders and even an exclusive space for the smallest, the “rolândia MM”, created to feed the turtledoves and other small birds. (check it out in the video above).

It wasn’t just the birds that joined the initiative. The neighborhood also, in addition to business owners in the region, who started to send donations of food and fruit, which, according to Marcelo, is the main source of the project today.

The site is open to visitors, and the g1 went there to talk to the creator of the “resort”, who explained how the venture works. According to the publicist, the initiative is a way to allow residents of the largest metropolis in the country to get in touch with nature.

Marcelo Máximo, creator of the MM Resort Big Birds, sitting on a beach chair at the location on a street in the South Zone of SP — Photo: Marcelo Brandt/g1

Marcelo says that he got divorced four years ago and, since then, he has been looking for “a new life”. It was with this purpose in mind that he began to study marine biology, highlighting his great passion for fish and the sea.

Another even more recent change in the publicist’s life was the loss of his job at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with this scenario, Marcelo decided to set up a 100% online furniture trade company.

With that came the habit of sitting on a beach chair, in front of his house, while working. There, he says he has a chestnut tree that attracts many parakeets, and the publicist then decided to make two houses for these birds.

“No birds showed up. They snubbed my little house, but I insisted. I thought, let’s see who is more stubborn, me or them?”, joked Marcelo.

After two months without receiving any visitors, the first rich parakeet landed at the “resort”. The “beak-to-beak” advertising must have been positive because it was from then on that history changed, and the space began to receive, daily, birds of different species.

“The parrots I get here are the budgerigar, maracanã parakeet and parrot. In addition to them, I get sanhaço, which is a beautiful bird, I get thrush, bem-te-vi, hummingbird, anu. I also got a parakeet here. australian, but this one, unfortunately, did not survive, because he was not used to living in nature. I have already received caracara hawk and another different hawk and some other birds that I can’t even identify because I don’t know”, he reported.

THE São Paulo has about 497 birds cataloged for the Wild Fauna Division from the Municipal Secretariat for Green and the Environment.

Of these, 128 are endemicthat is, they occur exclusively in the Atlantic forestbut despite this biome corresponding to practically a third of the city’s territory, the latest data released by the Secretary of the Green, from 2021, show that the area of ​​vegetation cover in the city has decreased by about 3% in the last 20 years. During this period, a natural region that is equivalent to almost half of the city’s green area was destroyed.

“We are in a very urban center, so it’s rare to see birds and the amount of birds that people have seen here is something they are not used to, but the birds are here, people who don’t notice. day is so busy and there is so much technology that we forget a little about nature, but it is here for now…” , said Márcio.

Marcelo Máximo, in front of the “bird resort” in the South Zone of SP — Photo: Marcelo Brandt/g1

‘This work here is my message’

For Marcelo, the project represents a response to human action against the environment.

“We are striding towards a terrible destiny, destroying nature. I don’t think my grandchildren will have all the resources that we have today. I think we had to stop to think what want for tomorrow, and this work here is my message: we need to do something“, he pointed out.

Maritacas at “MM Resort Big Birds” — Photo: Personal archive

As a decoration of the “resort”, it is also possible to find a cage without a door. The symbolic object, received by a donation, represents another cause which the advertiser also claims to be a part of.

“I think like this, God gave the birds wings so they could fly, there the human being goes, takes him and puts him in a cage. I respect him, but nowadays I don’t agree with that anymore, so much so that I even a cage that I got as a donation, but I just drilled a hole, so it doesn’t have a door, it’s an open cage. It’s the symbol that there’s no prison here, it’s a free place, understand?”

Asked about the plans for the future of the “MM Resort Big Birds”, Marcelo says he believes that the current space of the development located at Rua do Cursino is sufficient and, therefore, his objective now is to implement it in other places throughout Brazil.

The publicist shows the cage without a door received by a donation and that became part of the decoration of the space — Photo: Marcelo Brandt/g1

“I imagine that other communities would also like to do the project. Have you ever thought about a business like this here in each neighborhood, in each place, in each square?”, he suggested.

Attracting birds to your everyday life

Marcelo also highlighted some ways to attract birds to everyday life.

“It depends a lot on the region the person is in, because each region harbors certain species. So it would be interesting, first, for this person to determine which birds he wants to feed, let’s put it this way. Knowing which birds, we discover which is the preferred food him and just offer the food because they end up coming.”

Parakeet on a branch near the bird resort in the South Zone — Photo: Personal archive

But for those who think this will work overnight, it’s good to take it easy…

“Obviously you’re not going to put a papaya in your window and the next day it will be full of animals, it doesn’t work like that, but it works if you put it every day, that is, create that habit. You think they’re not seeing , but they are, they are only afraid and afraid. Until the time when they will overcome this fear and then they will always appear”, he concluded.

* Under supervision of Paula Lago

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