Rachel Valdés is honest about her relationship with Alejandro Sanz

Rachel Valdes has finally presented in Madrid his immersive work in the new flagship store that the signature Stradivarius has opened in Madrid’s Plaza de España. A special experience that will change the concept of shopping. Alejandro Sanz’s girlfriend has reflected his universe in a space in which there are numerous mirrors, in which different environments are projected. A project that is framed within her work as ambassador and artistic advisor for the ‘Stradivarius Meets Art’ initiative.

The Cuban woman, who for this appointment has opted for a flattering suit of the brand in vanilla color, has not hesitated to kindly attend to the media in the presentation of this new concept. Rachel has talked about her sources of inspiration, but she has also had time for some personal issues, such as her relationship with the artist from Madrid.

Rachel Valdés posing in the store. / Gtres

About the work, she herself has commented on the concept: “It is an immersive piece that is titled Eternity. It is basically an environment that I have created for the viewer as a kind of temple. meditation measures. It is a site created specifically to extrapolate a little from reality, as a kind of parallel world. There are different moments within the space that are reminiscent of landscapes, different elements in the moment of water, the moment of earth, the moment of air. It also plays with the seven colors of the spectrum and it is a piece that mainly deals with sensoriality and human perception and invites contemplation, self-recognition, meditation”, explained the Cuban.

The artist acknowledges that this work is based on one of her previous works: “it is a piece that is based on a previous work that I did at the Havana Biennial in 2015, which was titled Infinite Composition. So, from this first work, I have made a new version of that piece, changing the shape a bit, because the morphology is not exactly the same, but well, images are still projected in the background and everything is reflected. I always tend to work with mirrors, with crystals, precisely to involve the viewer. For me, it is fundamental to make the spectator be like a kind of co-creator of the work and that they form part of the piece. Because being inside already makes you be in it and by reflecting you, well let’s say that you integrate in some way. And well, we came up with the idea of ​​making a kind of immersive work to create a new form, a new way of escape for the passer-by, for the spectator who is going to pass by”, he commented.

Rachel Valdes
Rachel Valdés in the presentation. / Gtres

Alejandro Sanz’s girlfriend has explained what her sources of inspiration are: “I am very inspired by nature and it motivates me to create moods and create moments of peace for people, especially moments of self-recognition and connection. Of connection between you as a being and the space that surrounds you. Let’s say that’s like my inspiration base,” she has said.

Rachel has recognized that she is in a good working moment right now and that she is very happy with all the projects she is working on. The artist has emphasized the importance of love in all areas of life: “I believe that love in all its aspects is good. That is the best emotion that we human beings can experience, not only towards a partner, but towards a child, towards a friend, towards the world. The feeling of love and loving is something wonderful and puts us in a state of incredible fullness. I think it is very good for everything, to create and to live”has commented.

Regarding her relationship with Alejandro Sanz, the Cuban has assured that they support each other a lot: “I think it’s feedback. He gives me a lot with the world of music. I think he also contributed a lot to the world of visual arts and we are both enjoying that process, also giving each other feedback. Well, he inspires me and I, in a way, I can also inspire him a little “. However, at the moment they have not seriously considered collaborating on a professional level: “no, the truth is that not so far, not yet. But if we think about collaborating maybe on some visual project, that is, visual things for their stages, but everything remains to be seen”, he said. What he has emphasized is that both are very respectful of each other’s work and that they do not give each other much advice.

Rachel Valdes
The artist posing. / Gtres

Rachel has commented that they are in a good moment as a couple: “Yes, we are fine, it is a good moment, the truth is that yes”has sentenced. The artist has revealed that she does not rule out traveling to Andalusia soon, at such a special time: “well, in fact I am preparing an exhibition that we are seeing to do it in Seville, a painting exhibition. We still don’t have the date, but this year we will surely do it”, explained Rachel, who acknowledges that he loves andalusia: “I would dare to live anywhere, really. Yes, but Andalusia is very special. Yes, it is very beautiful”, he has sentenced.

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