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Rammstein and beauty: these are two terms that don’t quite go together. The band stands out more for its martial aspect, the fire, the smoke and the made-up faces than for its polished appearance. Their faces show the passing of the years, after all, almost all of them are over 50. Until now, the six musicians did not seem to have a problem with their age. That is changing now. Like many other personalities, from movie stars to B and C celebrities, they go under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon.

A joke and a lot of botox

Well, not quite. Surgeons in this case are rather called Photoshop and Instagram. Here, on the occasion of their new single “Zick Zack”, the band presents photos of the musicians with their faces disfigured by surgery and lots of Botox.

Photoshop facial surgery: the Rammstein musicians

It all started with a joke: On April 1, the group announced their latest project: the “Zick Zack Beauty Clinic” in Berlin. The joke was quickly understood, of course the clinic does not exist, but the phone number supplied with it does. If you call, you can hear the release date of the new song, April 7 at 18:00 CET, a short excerpt of the lyrics and a few bars of the single. And fans already know what to expect: the Rammstein sound they know. Hard guitar, even harder drums and crisp keyboards, plus Till Lindemann’s unique voice. In a deep and creepy voice, he talks about the things that are done in beauty clinics.

Social criticism as provocation

Like so many other times, Rammstein tackles a social issue here in its provocative way. When the single “Deutschland” was released in 2019, it caused quite a stir. In one video, Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and three of his gang members are lined up on a gallows, each with a noose around their necks and dressed in striped prison garb, one of them bearing the “Jewish star.” ” yellow. It is clear: the scene represents an execution scene in a Nazi concentration camp. For many, this crossed the line between artistic freedom and bad taste.

When the full video was released and it became clear that this scene was a representation of one of the many episodes in German history, researchers also looked at the song and its meaning. German media scholar Joachim Trebbe said in an interview with DW that “Deutschland” was “a song about the ambivalent relationship with Germany and its historical development so far”. However, there would be no glorification or abuse of any symbol.

Rammstein is not a Nazi band

The band quickly gained a reputation as a Nazi band, not least because of Till Lindemann’s Teutonic singing and his pronounced pronunciation of the letter “r”. In the group’s 28-year history, Rammstein has been able to put that reproach aside. But many critics continue to be bothered by the band’s and also the singer’s blatant breaking of taboos.

To Lindemann a flame

To Lindemann a flame

Berliners are not impressed by this. They follow their path because, just as they are, they like their millions of fans around the world. Even when they play softer notes, like in the most recent song “Zeit” (Time), they don’t lose their fascination. That’s why advertising campaigns for new albums and singles always work brilliantly. Also with the new album, which will be released on April 29.

List of titles by geocaching

The band had posted a short video saying that there were eleven “time” capsules hidden around the world. The coordinates were posted on Rammstein’s website, and fans began searching for them with GPS devices. In fact, from Australia to Finland, from Mexico to Brandenburg in eastern Germany, you could find a box with a QR code under the corresponding coordinates, revealing one of the song titles.

Fans in Europe and North America will be able to see Rammstein live from mid-May. The European tour begins on May 15 in Prague and ends on August 4 in Ostend (Belgium). Beginning August 21, the band will tour the Americas from Canada to Mexico.


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