Restaurant ‘Coaching’ qualifies services and is an option for market recovery in MS

The Covid-19 pandemic affected several sectors and one of the main ones, for sure, was the segment of bars and restaurants in Campo Grande. Since the heated resumption in mid-2021, entrepreneurs have been trying to rebuild in a market, until then, highly damaged by the crisis. It was in this scenario that the activity of ‘coaching’ restaurants became attractive to businesses, as the quality of service provided attracts new customers. In the Capital, work is already well sought after by houses.

According to Abrasel MS (Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants), it is estimated that, in Campo Grande, less than 10% of establishments have closed their doors permanently. In the meantime, the pandemic has caused many places to reduce their staff.

There was also indebtedness of establishments, which had to balance between managing expenses, lack of resources, necessary labor terminations, maintaining the salaries of those who stayed, in addition to managing payments made to suppliers and renegotiation of deadlines and values. How, then, to get out of all this suffocation?

So the solution to getting more money is to reach more customers. In this sector, consulting for restaurants has shown good results with training and qualification of staff. Sommelier, Douglas Willian de Moraes, 29, is one of the people who entered the universe. Today, he provides consulting services to establishments.

Merit for the performance goes to the entire team, says Douglas (Photo: Marcos Ermínio/Midiamax)

He started in the field working as a waiter many years ago. But the business only emerged in October 2021, in the middle of a pandemic and when nightlife was already winning over public in the Capital. Since that period, the number of establishments seeking Douglas’ service has been growing.

“If the person is consulting me, it’s because maybe they have a problem to solve or want to improve a service they already have. So, on top of the service that she already has, we apply our methods”, he reveals to the MediaMORE.

Sales models, service techniques and customer approaches are some of the services sought by entrepreneurs. According to Douglas, the growth was due to the pandemic, when restaurants lost many experienced waiters. The resumption is marked by younger professionals in need of instruction.

“They [empresas] wanted to train the workforce for this market return. New waiters are very unprepared because many old ones have stopped working [na pandemia], went to do other things and never came back. So, the market found itself in a need to hire new people […] there was the need for companies to train people for the job market to serve their customers”, comments the specialist.

Abrasel explains that it is not a new service in the state. Francisco Pezzino, for example, is a gastronomy management consultant for bars and works in partnership with Sebrae-MS. The objective is to seek the best performance of the business.

“It is extremely important that bars and restaurants invest in qualification, training, recycling, improving their business environments, either through the partnership offered by the entity, or through other consultants”, says the entity.

Return to companies

Gabriel Astolpho Schuster is the manager of a restaurant specializing in meats located at Avenida Afonso Pena and Rio Grande do Sul. To the reporting team, he said that he hired Douglas’s publicist to provide good service to the public about three months ago.

“In the first few weeks we already noticed a lot of difference in the boys’ posture [garçons], in customer service and much more”, he reveals. Schuster also says that consulting helped to increase and retain clientele.

restaurant coaching
Customer service techniques enchant customers (Photo: Marcos Ermínio/Midiamax)

Despite the good performance, Moraes still reports that all the achievement is due to the team. “I don’t do anything alone. What we do is teach what we used to do as a waiter […] the merit is 100% of the home team”.

Scenes of bars and restaurants in Campo Grande

Also according to Abrasel, the post-pandemic period presents avid social behavior for consumption in the Capital. Despite the recovery, the sector still faces great challenges as many entrepreneurs ended up in debt and losing employees. Therefore, they live a constant struggle to achieve balance. The main barrier is the shortage of manpower.

In a recent survey, Abrasel found that 35% of bars and restaurants worked at a profit in May, against 29% that made a loss. Another 36% were in balance.

“Inflation is the main obstacle in the recovery. Among the main factors are the increase in inputs (75%), the fall in sales (63%), the reduction in the number of customers (58%), debts with bank loans (54%) and tax debts ( 49%)”, he concludes.

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