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Easter egg stuffed with chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce and fasano feuilletine paillette Photo: Tadeu Brunelli

Whether to order and eat at home or to enjoy a different atmosphere, restaurants are starting to advertise their special dishes for the celebration of Easter. The dishes range from the traditional lamb and cod, to dishes with other seafood and going to the traditional Portuguese rice dishes of the day.

So, the Palate created this itinerary with 12 establishments with an eye on the celebrations of the date. And don’t worry: there are options of all kinds for Easter, for all budgets.

By the way, if you find the options too salty, or if you want to order just a part of the Easter lunch, remember that the recipe bank at Palate gathers suggestions for dishes for any occasion. Good Easter!

Santiago Winery

Santiago Winery's special menu

Santiago Winery’s special menu Photo: Thays Bittar

This Easter, Adega Santiago prepared a special menu to share (R$429.00, for two people). It is made up of the traditional wood-fired codfish dish, with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, olive oil, olives and eggs, couvert with almonds and seasoned olives; palm heart salad; and churros with dulce de leche. Orders can be made through iFood, e-mail ( or self-delivery, with a 10% discount for those who pick up at the restaurant (R. Sampaio Vidal, 1072, Pinheiros).

baby kitchen

At Nena Cocina, Bacalhau da Casa will be the flagship

At Nena Cocina, Bacalhau da Casa will be the flagship Photo: Baby’s kitchen

Known for the grill from which the well-known recipes prepared on the grill come from, the Iberian restaurant Nena Cocina created a special cod recipe to celebrate the date. It is the house cod (R$ 133, for 1 person), which combines the cod loin prepared in the grill, finished in the oven, with potato flattened in white sauce, red onion in wine, broccoli and tomato. The house also suggests, to finish, the hot brigadeiro with fruits on the grill (R$ 29), which consists of a hot brigadeiro, prepared with cocoa powder, callebaut chocolate, caramelized fruits on the grill and farofa. The house is located at Rua Diogo Jacome, 372, Vila Nova Conceição. Reservations on phones 945735064/3846-0389.

by Koji

By Koji shows that Japanese restaurants also offer special Easter menus

By Koji shows that Japanese restaurants also offer special Easter menus Photo: Carolina Keiko Nagano

There is also space for Japanese cuisine at Easter. This year, By Koji has a special menu (R$260) for two people. In it, there are sushi served in pairs of different types of preparation, such as scallops; buri, better known in Brazil as Olho de Boi; aburi shake, smoked salmon, lightly browned on top, with lemon zest; horse mackerel sushi; sea ​​bass marinated in lemon yuzu sauce and served with shiso; in addition to the classic tuna and snapper, and a Hossomaki Spicy Tuna. The menu for the occasion will only be available on April 15th, 16th and 17th, in the salon, or through requests by WhatsApp (9.3034-5454) or iFood, at Consolação and Morumbi units.


Amadeus will have a special menu to order and to eat at the restaurant

Amadeus will have a special menu to order and to eat at the restaurant Photo: Ricardo D’Angelo

The Amadeus restaurant, by chef Bella Masano, prepared a special menu (R$ 1,350, for four people) made to order for the date, with a crab shell; followed by shrimp à paulista, a classic of the house that takes giant shrimp prepared in olive oil, garlic and parsley; shredded cod with chickpeas, onions, potatoes, olives and cabbage; and, to finish, coconut manjar with plum and apricot syrup. Orders can be placed until April 14, either by phone (3061-2859) or WhatsApp (94029-8905).

In addition, the house serves specials on Good Friday: Sicilian Cod, in a clay pot with potato, onion, tomato, black olives, egg, cabbage and olive oil (R$198); baked cod with onion, tomato, cabbage, potato, egg and olive (R$198); cod broth rice with cherry tomatoes and peas (R$129); cod loin carpaccio with herbs, olive oil, pepper and black olives (R$80); and cod salad with boiled potatoes, red onion, tomatoes, cabbage leaves and olive oil (R$80). The house is located at Rua Haddock Lobo, 807, Jardins. For reservations, call 3061-2859.

Rios House

Casa Rios will serve cod to celebrate Easter

Casa Rios will serve cod to celebrate Easter Photo: Giuliana Nogueira

At Casa Rios, run by chefs Rodrigo Aguiar and Giovanna Perrone, there is a special dish (R$245, two people) for Easter lunch on Sunday: grilled cod with garlic and herb crust, potatoes, tomato and roasted broccoli. on firewood, following the house preparation proposal. The Casa Rios dish will be served at R. Itapura, 1327, in Tatuapé.


Cantaloup Surprise Egg

Cantaloup Surprise Egg Photo: Ricardo Da’Angelo

Chefs Valdir Oliveira and Arnor Porto have prepared an exclusive menu that begins with suggestions of octopus carpaccio with a bouquet of green leaves (R$72) and persimmon tomato stuffed with warm burrata, botarga zest and Sicilian lemon (R$55). Then, among the main ones, are the classic rack of lamb, served with truffled polenta in a cabernet sauvignon sauce (R$ 162) and cod, made in Fiorentina, with potato, onion, tomato and creamed spinach (R$ 155). . Completing the trio of options, chef Valdir also offers the scallop risotto and green asparagus with pepper vinaigrette (R$135). To finish off, chef Arnor Porto suggests two desserts: the ice cream cake with orange dulce de leche and ice cream (R$35.00) and the Cantaloup surprise egg (R$40). For the special dish, reservations are recommended by phone (3078-3445) or WhatsApp (97220-0124).

the beautiful sintra

Cod a lagareiro at the restaurant A Bela Sintra

Cod a lagareiro at the restaurant A Bela Sintra Photo: Mauro Holanda

At the Portuguese restaurant A Bela Sintra, chef Patricia Sampaio Bettencourt serves more than 10 types of codfish served in slices, chips or shreds. Among the dishes, there is cod rice in our style (cod, spinach, potato and tomato sauce, R$ 147); the famous Lagareiro (in empanada steak with mashed potatoes, broccoli and olives, R$197); à Chiado (breaded with breadcrumbs and almonds with spinach, tomato and breadcrumbs, R$197); à Forno à Portuguesa (grilled steak and comes with garlic, onion, tomato, potato and broccoli, at R$ 197), and, finally, cod to the taste of Mia (grilled with onion in sherry, eggs, potatoes and olives, BRL 197). The house is located at Rua Bela Cintra, 2325, Cerqueira César. More information on phones 3891-0740/1090.


Grilled octopus, roasted pumpkin puree, morcilla and hazelnut from the Animus

Grilled octopus, roasted pumpkin puree, morcilla and hazelnut from the Animus Photo: Thays Bittar

Chef Giovanna Grossi prepared suggestions for both Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On Friday, a selection of options with fish and seafood such as smoked fish, butter beans and candied shrimp (R$50), pasta stuffed with crab, grilled squid and seafood emulsion (R$50), brioche with octopus and cilantro mayonnaise (R$40), grilled octopus, roasted pumpkin puree, black pudding and hazelnut (R$52) and shrimp dumplings with rosemary and spicy paprika mayonnaise (R$38). On Sunday, the chef chose a traditional Easter ingredient – ​​lamb – and prepared a lamb terrine (R$42). The restaurant is located at Rua Vupabussu, 347, in Pinheiros, São Paulo/SP. Reservations and more information about the date on the phone 2371-798.

Parisian bistro

Roast Saddle of Lamb and Gratin Dauphinois is Bristot de Paris's Easter Sunday pick

Roast Saddle of Lamb and Gratin Dauphinois is Bristot de Paris’s Easter Sunday pick Photo: Bristol from Paris

With suggestions from chef Alain Poletto, Bistrot de Paris suggests, for Holy Friday, a boyfriend with champagne and asparagus, gratin gourmand (R$92). Other dishes on the menu will also be available, such as grilled prawns in Provencal style and basmati rice (R$162) or grilled octopus in smoked paprika and Provencal vegetables (R$129). For Sunday lunch, the chef chose a very traditional ingredient served that day: lamb. The first recipe was designed to share with the family and serves 2 to 3 people – it is the roasted lamb saddle and gratin dauphinois (R$350). Another special option is the lamb picanha, roasted potatoes and organic vegetables (R$92). The house is located at Rua Augusta, 2542, Jardim Paulista. More information by phone.3063-1675.


Rabbit Agnolotti in a Spicy Tomato and Mushroom Sauce with Pecorino from Fasano

Rabbit Agnolotti in a Spicy Tomato and Mushroom Sauce with Pecorino from Fasano Photo: Tadeu Brunelli

At the Fasano restaurant, chef Luca Gozzani prepared à la carte options for starters, main courses and desserts. As a starter, the suggestion is the creamy cod with taragna polenta and crispy shrimp (R$ 140); as a main course, two options for the customer to choose from: the rabbit agnolotti with a spicy tomato and mushroom sauce with pecorino (R$ 146) and the rack of lamb with fregola and mushroom (R$ 249). To close the experience, the chef created the Easter egg stuffed with chocolate mousse, chocolate syrup and pailleté feuilletine (R$58). The restaurant is located at the Hotel Fasano, at Rua Vittorio Fasano, 88, Jardim Paulista. Reservations and more information call 3896-4000.

naughty rice

Arroz de Bacalhau for two is the bet of Arroz Malandro

Arroz de Bacalhau for two is the bet of Arroz Malandro Photo: Thays Bittar

A dark kitchen specializing in Portuguese cuisine, piloted by Ipe Moraes, Arroz Malandro has a special menu to share at Easter at R$286. To start, a tomato salad with goat cheese and artichokes. The main dish is cod rice. To finish, Portuguese chocolate salami (dark chocolate, amaretto nut liqueur, cashew nut and orange zest). The menu can be found at lunch and dinner on Sunday (April 17) with pick-up at Jardins (R. Dr. Melo Alves, 728).

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