Resumption of University Restaurants has news

I miss a tray, right, my son?’ It’s not long before this wait is over. (Photo: Milton Santos: Archive Portal Comunica)

The University Restaurants Division (Divru), linked to the Student Quality of Life Directorate (Dirve) of the Dean of Student Assistance (Proae), is carrying out the final preparations for the reopening of the four units of the University Restaurant of the Federal University of Uberlândia (RU/UFU) in Ituiutaba and Uberlândia, in addition to the inauguration of Monte Carmelo.

“This resumption begins on the 11th of April, in Umuarama, and continues on the 18th, in Santa Monica. On the 25th, it will be the turn to reopen the RU Pontal and the inauguration of the RU Monte Carmelo. Finally, on May 2, when classes for the next academic semester of undergraduate courses will begin, RU Glória will also reopen. All companies have already been contracted and will start the services gradually, according to this plan”, informs Dirve director Cláudio Gomes Barbosa.

In parallel with the operation of the RUs, the big news will be the way to purchase tickets. From now on, there will be no more sales at counters. The system becomes fully onlinethrough the new module that is being made available in the UFU Mobile application update.

See below for the fees charged for the tickets:

  • Range I – undergraduate assisted student – type I (100% subsidy): free;
  • Tier II – undergraduate assisted student – type II (100% subsidy): free;
  • Tier III – undergraduate student (80% subsidy): R$ 3.00;
  • Tier IV – technical education student and others (80% subsidy): R$ 3.00;
  • Range V – graduate student (80% subsidy): R$ 3.00;
  • Band VI – servers (teachers and administrative technicians): R$ 15.12;
  • Track VII – outsourced workers, employees and founders; BRL 15.12;
  • Tier VIII – visitors and others: R$ 15.12.


To purchase your UK tickets via UFU Mobile, you must have your UFU ID up to date and photo authenticated. Check out the step-by-step process of the purchase below:

  1. Click on the “LOGIN” icon, located in the upper right corner of the screen, to be directed to the page for entering the login and password;
  2. After accessing, click on the ≡ icon and click on the topic “RU Tickets” – it is possible to press the same symbol on the main screen;
  3. In the “BALANCE” tab, information on how many tickets you have associated with your institutional link will be released;
  4. The option to buy tickets must be clicked on the corresponding button;
  5. The transaction history will be visible from the first transaction made;
  6. In the “BUY” tab, you can purchase up to 10 tickets per order and accumulate up to 30 tickets in your wallet – Important: the ticket will be valid only within the current year;
  7. After confirming the request, you will be directed to the payment screen, which must be made through a banking institution, via PIX or credit card;
  8. When selecting the “PIX” alternative, it will be necessary to copy or share the code provided and make the payment in the application or place of the banking institution – the code will expire at the end of the day the user processes the order (at 23:59);
  9. If the payment method selected is the credit card, it will be necessary to choose the provider (Mercado Pago or PicPay) and confirm the operation; additional fees may be charged, depending on the type of installment chosen by the user within the payment provider’s platform;
  10. Upon completion of the order, a credit in trust will be released, corresponding to 1 (one) ticket; the equivalent amount will be cleared after the first payment;
  11. In the “PAYMENTS” tab, the user can consult the purchase history;
  12. At the end of the above process, you must access the digital ID and present the QR Code at the cafeteria entrance – when there is no photo in your registration, you will be required to present an official document with photo, in order to prove your identity.

“Divru is available for clarification of doubts or queries, through the electronic address and telephone (34) 3239-4272. Each user must purchase their own tickets, as they are non-transferable. The QR Code must be presented, via cell phone/tablet, at University Restaurants and the validation will be carried out with the University Management System (SG). We are very happy with this resumption and we will follow all the necessary precautions to make it happen safely; including providing gel alcohol to users and requiring the use of a mask, as stipulated by the UFU Biosafety Protocol”, adds Barbosa.

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