Reuse rate of school textbooks is at 60%

The reuse of school textbooks in Portugal reached “a rate of over 60%”, revealed this Tuesday the Ministry of Education (ME). Minister Tiago Brandão Rodrigues’ office waited for the deadline set for the return of school textbooks (July 31) to respond to a set of questions sent by the DN last week. According to the ME, “the measure of gratuity is accompanied by the reuse of school textbooks – already provided for by law since 2007 and in force, since shortly after, only for students benefiting from the School Social Action”. The minister’s office stresses that “reuse, being an objective in itself, is still a fundamental means to ensure both environmental and financial sustainability of the free manuals and contribute to the circular economy and education for citizenship”. “Right now, with reuse still in progress, there is already a reuse rate of over 60%”, reveals the same source.