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The Respeito Animal Veterinary Hospital (HVRA) is one of the most modern health centers for the treatment of dogs, cats, wild and exotic animals in Brazil. Its purpose is to serve the animals with excellence, as well as their tutors and veterinarians. For this, its structure was thought out in every detail – from the reception, in order to welcome pets and their families, to the environments for consultations and complex surgeries.

“HVRA was born with the objective of offering a service guided by respect for the animal, love, excellence, care and proximity, commitment to life, ethics and transparency. These are non-negotiable values ​​of our reception and treatments”, explains Léia Silva, creator of the project, which became a reality in a short time.

The HVRA provides assistance to wild and exotic animals. — Photo: Credit: Disclosure.

To consolidate and plan the future of the hospital, its investors hired the veterinarian José Célio Figueiredo Rolandi, who assumes the hospital administration due to his medical experience, innovative business vision, entrepreneurship, administrative experience in the segment and knowledge of the Brazilian market, which must invoice, still in 2022, R$ 46 billion; a baggage that gives investors the certainty that the plan outlined will achieve the objective.

Professional with more than 30 years of experience, including as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the HCVET Hospital de Clínicas Veterinárias de Ribeirão, and accumulating specialization courses in the veterinary and administrative area, Rolandi took on, in early March, the challenge of leading the HVRA actions.

Complete surgical center and specialized professionals. — Photo: Credit: Disclosure.

“People and veterinarians need to know the structure we have to offer. At the HVRA, it is possible to carry out consultations and diagnostic tests to different treatments, whether surgical or not, in addition to hospitalization and ICU. Regardless of the severity, we have the structure and professionals to conduct the service and everything in real time, since laboratory and imaging tests (such as ultrasound, X-ray and tomography) can be performed on an urgent basis and determine the conduct of the treatment without delay, which can be crucial for the effectiveness of the treatment and the recovery of the patient”, explains the responsible veterinarian.

In addition to this expertise, humanization is one of the main pillars of patient/guardian treatment. This means that the pet is seen and treated as a member of the family. “Here we not only treat the disease, but also pay attention to the emotional health of the pet. For example, we are careful to have hospitalizations separated by species and a sensitive team to pass care and tranquility to that child who is afraid, far from home and weakened. Our professionals are oriented to provide this well-being, both physical and emotional, for the pets that are under our care, as well as for the parents who are sensitized”, guarantees Rolandi.

With a structure designed and planned to provide evolution and absolute excellence when it comes to veterinary medicine, Hospital Veterinário Respeito Animal has:

  • emergency room;
  • exclusive room for vaccination;
  • exclusive consultations for each species (dogs, cats, wild and exotic animals);
  • hospitalizations also separated by species;
  • special hospitalizations for infectious diseases (such as distemper and parvovirus);
  • full lab for real-time results;
  • diagnostic imaging sector, with siemens multislice computed tomography;
  • 3D ultrasound room;
  • and digital X-ray.

Also part of the complex are two equipped surgical centers, elevator, ICU beds (which have the same life support resources as in a human ICU and a 24-hour intensivist).

Complete surgical center and specialized professionals. — Photo: Credit: Disclosure.

The HVRA is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. According to the new director, the purpose of this format is the safety and tranquility of parents of pets in knowing that there is a place of trust and respect always available.

“After all, you never know when an emergency might arise. Not to mention the hospitalized animals, which need to be assisted by the team 24 hours a day. When our clinicians detect a need for care by a specialty, for example dermatologist, endocrine, or cardio, they are called for care at the Hospital itself. All thinking about the comfort and tranquility of having all services in one place, with the support of a serious institution committed to excellence”, he explains.

Dr. José Célio Rolandi, clinical veterinarian and CEO of Hospital Veterinário Respeito Animal. — Photo: Credit: Disclosure.

The hospital staff works in three shifts, taking turns to keep the doors open 24 hours a day. They are clinicians, anesthesiologists, surgeons, specialists in different areas, technicians in radiological exams, pathologists, intensivists, clinical director, administrative directors, nurses, receptionists and animal beauticians, which today total 19 employees, in addition to partners and specialized service providers.

“We offer the best in veterinary medicine, combined with a team of highly qualified professionals to meet the different needs of diagnoses and treatments. The objective is to provide differentiated service to customers who seek solutions to their pets’ problems, whether treating them or even preventing them from getting sick”, explains Dr Rolandi.

In the HVRA, those who occupy nursing roles need to be veterinarians. Clinicians and surgeons, on the other hand, must have completed a residency, while specialists must have completed or are completing a master’s or doctoral degree in their field of expertise.

Léia Silva, creator of the Respect Animal Veterinary Hospital and director of the Institution. — Photo: Credit: Disclosure.

Exotic and wild animals

In the process of designing the hospital, Léia Silva also thought about those tutors who have wild or exotic animals.

“The care for these pets is even more restricted. Very few places are able to provide even basic assistance. Without proper conduct, many of them end up dying, even without any care”, he warns.

To avoid situations like this, the HVRA is prepared to serve, in addition to dogs and cats, these “unconventional” pets, such as birds, rabbits, rodents, reptiles and other animals of our fauna (wild) and foreign (exotic) fauna. .

“For these special children, we have diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization and even surgeries, when necessary, as we dedicate an exclusive sector to such care”, explains the director.

In the short time since the HVRA opened its doors, professionals have already treated “injured fish, which have fully recovered; primates, from marmosets run over to larger ones, which underwent CT scans; macaws, ferrets, hamsters, wild animals rescued by the police – like our dear Hope, a cockatiel whose leg was ripped off and who later became a little star, but left this world knowing that she was cared for and loved by the entire team”, says Léia.

Meeting and training rooms. — Photo: Credit: Disclosure.

Partnership with veterinarians

The Respeito Animal Veterinary Hospital also consolidates the desire to offer veterinarians throughout the Ribeirão Preto region a partnership to use a unique structure. “We offer humane treatment for pets and families. I believe that there are many clinics with the same concern, but they may not have the necessary structure to offer treatment in cases of greater complexity. So, the intention of the HVRA is to collaborate with these professionals who need exams such as tomography, surgical centers for different complexities, recovery rooms, ICU beds, a complete laboratory with new and modern equipment under the supervision of a veterinary pathologist”, emphasizes Léia.

“Every day we are impacted with news of abandonment, mistreatment and cruelty to animals. The cases of animal abandonment during the pandemic were news in all the major newspapers in the country. Seeing all this and not being able to do anything was distressing”, recalls Leia, who turned that feeling into a stimulus for her dream. “I thought that, like me, many people could have the same feeling and I started to idealize a place where respect for patients and their humans was the main mission of a veterinary hospital”.

Alongside her, her daughters Bianca Angelo Antonio, a veterinarian, and Bruna Angelo Antonio, an economist and responsible for the company’s financial and accounting department, work at the hospital.

Facade and the professionals of the HVRA. — Photo: Credit: Disclosure.

In the near future, Dr. José Célio Rolandi intends to open his own stem cell laboratory and the oncology radiotherapy service with the implementation of the Laboratory of Immunotherapy and Radiotherapy Oncology at the Veterinary Hospital Respeito Animal, in order to provide a better quality of life and full recovery in cases of oncological diseases.

“Everything is already being prepared carefully. One step at a time in the search for continuous improvement in the service to our customers”, explains the director, who is soon to leave for the United States to learn about new techniques and technologies that can be applied in the hospital.

Animal Respect Veterinary Hospital

  • Av. Independência, 1570, Alto da Boa Vista – Ribeirão Preto/SP
  • (16) 99771-1570
  • open 24 hours

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