Riverboat: Actor Joachim Król on smoking weed under corona conditions – “My God, did it harm me?”

Actor Joachim Król (64) told the Berlin edition of “Riverboat” how his stoner past helped him with his latest film.

Berlin/Leipzig – Whether in crime scene or television films such as “Endlich Widower” – he always embodied the role of the curmudgeon perfectly. Actor Joachim Król (64) was in the Berlin edition of “river boat‘ guest and shared how his history of stoners helped him with his latest film.

Joachim Król (64) played the curmudgeon Georg Weiser in the comedy “Endlich Widower”, who begins to enjoy his life after the death of his wife. © ZDF/Florian Emmerich

As always, presenter Kim Fisher (52) was terribly excited when she finally welcomed her last guest on Friday night. The two were able to chat about Król’s film “Endlich Widower” for the first time three years ago, but now the second part “Endlich Witwer – Forever Young” is being released.

Reason enough to find each other again and to bring many a secret to light.

“Endlich Widower” moved almost 7.5 million viewers in front of the screens in 2019 – a great success. The main character is Georg Weiser, who only breaks out of his everyday life after the death of his dominant wife and can thus get to know the beautiful side of life – including all kinds of messes.

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In the sequel, Georg makes a journey into the past – and takes Joachim Król with him. Because he was able to ensure in a funny way that a scene that shows him smoking pot with Peter Lohmeyer (60) and Martina Gedeck (60) could take place at all.

In this, they don’t pass around a joint in the classic way, but an empty kitchen roll to which it is attached. “This object has definitely existed in my past,” he told Kim Fisher with a grin. (*She couldn’t resist a loud “Aha!”.)

“We had to find a solution, like under Corona conditions passing a joint. And then I thought, there was something, how did we do it again?” The director was enthusiastic, without this solution the scene would have had to be deleted. “Something really would have been missing,” says Król.

I am "river boat" he told Kim Fisher (52) and Sebastian Fitzek (50) why he was able to benefit from his hippie experiences for the film.

In “Riverboat” he told Kim Fisher (52) and Sebastian Fitzek (50) why he was able to benefit from his hippie experiences for the film. © rbb/Thomas Ernst

Mrs. Fisher then wanted to know whether he was a real hippie boy. The answer came from a private picture with long hair from 1979, taken in San Francisco, according to Król. “Someone once said, ‘You looked like Neil Young wanted to look like,'” the actor says slyly.

At that time he already had a certain reputation in his miners’ settlement. “During that time, there was a bar in every city where really good music played, where people met, where they possibly came into contact with toxic substances. But my God, did it harm me? Yeah…” , he grinned broadly and finally shook his head determinedly. “No!”

That’s how it was in those wild times. “We’ve tried a lot. And the fact that Lohmeyer is sitting at the table has something biographical about it.” About 40 years ago he was already a guest in his Dortmund pub “Vor Ort”. “I poured him a beer and he told me he wanted to be an actor.”

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Król left it open whether they actually smoked together back then, but had to admit that Lohmeyer had put him under a lot of pressure with his eager plans. “That awakened my ambition.” They finally passed the acting exam in the same year.

You can see Joachim Król’s new film “Endlich Witwer – Forever Young” on Monday at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF or already in the media library look at.

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