Rokkr TV Box Test 2022 – Opened and tried

In the test with Tarnkappe: With the Rokkr TV box, various media content such as series, films and live TV can be conveniently searched through and played back.

In the honeybee manner, I’ve been taking a closer look at the Rokkr TV box lately. This is an Android TV box with the integrated media browser Rokkr. This allows legal and illegal media content such as series, films and live TV to be conveniently searched through and played back.

Scope of delivery and connections

The scope of delivery includes the TV box and a matching Rokkr IR remote control, an HDMI cable and a 5V/2A round plug power supply. On the back of the device, in addition to the connection for the power supply unit / HDMI, there is also an RJ45 network connection, an S/PDIF and a jack audio output. On the right side there is a microSD slot, a USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 port for external media.

First launch of the Rokkr TV box

The TV box takes about a minute to start. You will then be greeted in English. The language can be easily set to German in the settings menu. If there is no LAN cable available at the place of use, the network connection can also be established via WLAN.

Rokkr media browser

Without entering a so-called bundle URL, no content can be played with the small TV box. For testing, I first used, where you can find the ARD and the ZDF media library, among other things.

After selecting the ARD media library, its content will appear in the dashboard of the Rokkr TV box. As a test, I watched the historical drama film Tomorrow are free. This can be selected and played in a quality of up to 1080p.

More legal and illegal content

Depending on the bundle URL, various legal as well as illegal content can be played. As on the Internet, please pay attention to whether it is really freely available, free content or an obviously illegal offer. Current cinema blockbusters, Sky and other pay TV offers belong to the latter.

Cost of the Rokkr TV box

The Rokkr TV box can be purchased from the manufacturer’s own shop for €49.99. In addition, there is the Premium for 3 months free of charge. The subscription can then be extended for €3.99 per month. This is necessary because use is otherwise limited to 30 minutes per day.

Installing Android Apps on the Rokkr TV Box

Since the small TV box itself runs on Android, any apps can be sideloaded there. The Google Play Store isn’t integrated, but F-Droid or the Aurora Store can easily be installed later if necessary.

Rokkr TV Box Screenshot of the app overview

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Opening the Rokkr TV box

Of course I had to open the little box once. All you have to do is remove the four glued feet and loosen four screws. The bottom of the box can already be removed. Inside is a single board with a dedicated WiFi module from Cdtech, memory chips, flash and an ARM chip running Android 9.

Other devices, such as the Cubbit honeycomb, the Toniebox or the Tigerbox are certainly more interesting in this regard. Especially when there is something to fix, like with the VU+ Duo2. But for me it’s just part of it =).

Rokkr TV box with feet and screw holes removed
How can the box be opened?
Rokkr TV box circuit board from below
Rokkr TV box circuit board from below
Rokkr TV box circuit board from above
Rokkr TV box circuit board from above



  • UHD 2160p, HDR, HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • LAN and WiFi
  • S/PDIF and jack output
  • microSD, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
  • Miracast / WiDi
  • Android app support
  • YouTube integration

suggestions for improvement

  • VPN integration
  • Support for other, particularly legal streaming offers
  • EPG for Live TV
  • Protection of minors (blocking of content)

interest aroused? The Rokkr TV box can be ordered in the shop for €49.99.

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