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At 37 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo’s future has been the talk of the moment when it comes to the football world. The newspapers report that the Madeiran is no longer happy at Manchester United – a club where he returned ten years after his debut in an international team and which he always considered a second home -, there are those who say he wants to return to Real Madrid and, despite the excellent physical form, there are those who ponder that the Madeiran may be on his way to Sporting to end his career as a player.

Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of the decisive game of qualification for the World Cup in Qatar
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Rumors take them with the wind and this week the Portuguese ace made it very clear that who rules his future is… himself! Saturated with speculation, he made it very clear to journalists: “You guys have a habit of asking me the same question. Who will decide my future is me, nobody else. If I feel like playing, I play. If I don’t feel like it, I don’t play. I’m the boss, period.“Ronaldo said, it’s said!

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Ronaldo calls for the anthem to be sung without music ‘to see the determination, energy and positivism’

What follows – whatever the fate of D. Dolores’ son – will never be a financial risk for Madeira’s “golden boy”. In 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fortune was valued at 895 million euros, becoming the first footballer to join the multi-millionaires clubwhose two other legends of the sport were already part of it: golfer Tiger Woods and boxer Floyd Mayweather, according to Forbes. In September 2021, CR7 became the highest paid player in the world. With his return to Manchester, he secures around 62 million euros in salaries alone and 49 million in everything related to partnerships and commercial actions, including the business that has its own brand.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a machine for making money… but also for investing it. To this day he has never disclosed when his career as a player would end, but one thing is certain: he will not “disappear” from the map. In (almost) everything that moves turns into gold and fortune increases, far from the eyes of the adepts.


One of Cristiano Ronaldo’s most recent and well-known investments is the Insparya clinics – dedicated to hair transplants – of which he is a partner together with Paulo Ramos, founder and CEO of the Portuguese group, and with Fundos Vallis/Hermes.

Already with clinics in Braga, Lisbon, Porto, Quarteira, Madrid and Marbella, in 2020, the company earned 25 million euros. The plan is simple: expand Insparya throughout the world. The CEO, Paulo Ramos, guarantees that the process is underway and that the plans involve several points in Europe and Dubai, where CR7 has privileged contacts and is one of his favorite retreats. “We are going to invest 40 million in Europe and Dubai”, he reveals to the newspaper ‘Negócios’.

To the same publication, Paulo Ramos reveals that clinics are planned to open in cities such as Valencia, Milan, Paris, Rome, and to be implemented in England, Germany and Switzerland. For Portugal there are also new plans: it will open a clinic in Viseu and Coimbra, Leiria and Aveiro are being studied.

In 2021, the hair transplant company grew and “the turnover was 33.6 million euros”, with a profit of 8 million, in net income.


There is another sector that has already had Ronaldo’s signature for a few years: the hotel industry. Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Pestana group and together they have created yet another empire. In all, there are 5 hotels with the signature of the captain of the corner team.

Funchal, the center of Lisbon, in Marrakech, on Gran Vía, in Madrid and the lung of New York, in Times Square, were the places chosen by the ace to have establishments with his name.

See what CR7’s new hotel in Marrakech looks like

Created in 2015, Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels is a brand that results from a joint venture between Pestana Hotel Group, the biggest Portuguese hotel group, and the player.

Other hotels are also planned to be opened. Among the cities spoken are Paris and Manchester..


Hair transplant clinics, hotels… and brands named after you. This is another aspect of CR7’s business.

To date, Ronaldo owns five perfumes from the CR7 Fragrances range, a network of gyms – CR7 Crunch Gym -, a line of shirts, another line of pants, a museum in Madeira, a brand of sunglasses, another of blankets. and there’s more: underwear, footwear, and ‘7Legend’ – a digital platform specializing in sports.

There is something for all tastes, but not for all budgets. Cristiano Ronaldo also invested, in 2017, in a famous restaurant chain: Tatel. A project that came from Mabel Hospitality, a subsidiary of the company MABEL CAPITAL. That is, an investment company founded by Manuel Campos Guallar, Abel Matutes Prates and the famous tennis player Rafa Nadal and which, among others, has as partners CR7, Pau Gasol, Enrique Iglesias and Rudy Fernández.

The newest restaurant in Beverly Hills, joins those in Madrid and Ibiza.

BUT NOT EVERYTHING WAS A SUCCESS…In times, was one of the most iconic stores in Vilamoura Marina. When it opened in 2010, the establishment that owned the CR7 brand was all the rage among football lovers. However, it wasn’t enough to keep Cristiano Ronaldo’s business going. According to ‘TV Guia’ magazine, the store was sold in 2019 for around 1 million euros.

Later, the store in Parque das Nações was also closed and, more recently, the one in Funchal.

The three were managed by their sister, Elma Aveiro. “It was not an easy decision, because it was here that my dream began. Many memories, passages and moments will be marked forever on this page that I will keep close in my heart, the point of reference for many people, a point where thousands of people made a point of stopping by once they came to visit our beautiful island of Madeira and with all my strength, a huge thank you”, wrote CR7’s sister on the day she closed the door of the island’s store.

Elma Aveiro at the cashier at Cristiano Ronaldo’s store in Vilamoura

But other family dreams did not come to fruition. In 2018, Elma and Katia Aveiro found a restaurant at Marina Shopping, located in the center of Funchal. Anyone who went to ‘Cascatas e Girassóis’ could taste the best recipes made in the style of the family matriarch, Dolores Aveiro.

Also the restaurant closed its doors during the pandemic, in March 2020, which had already been communicated by Katia on social networks. “We will close from the 14th to the 22nd and if for some reason it is justified we will extend the deadline”, she shared at the time. What ended up being confirmed and prolonged for indefinite months. The establishment never opened its doors again.

Devastated! Katia Aveiro suffers from negative manifestations to the restaurant in Brazil

The same happened with the restaurant that Katia opened in Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul. Casa Aveiro’, Cristiano Ronaldo’s family restaurant, ended “its activities in Gramado”, also in 2020.

After all, the failures did not dent Ronaldo’s heritage and the empire that, far from the fields, he has been building. CR7 adds and follows and promises not to stop here.

When you pack your boots, the future passes through Portugal, in his mansion that he is building at Quinta da Marinha, in Cascais, with a land with an area of ​​8,991 square meters. With eyes on his country, but always facing the horizon: the conquest of the world is the limit for this Portuguese hero.

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