RTL presenter Lola Weippert answers an intimate fan question

Lola Weippert does not want to reveal too much about her private life.Image: imago images / imago images

Is Lola Weippert not single anymore? In August last year, the RTL presenter confirmed the separation from her then boyfriend Flo, whom she met in a competition in 2019. At that time she told her fans: “I don’t want to communicate the reason, it’s too private. Please do me a big favor and don’t ask any more questions, neither with Flo nor with me.” They had parted on good terms, she added.

After that, she repeatedly stated that she was not in a relationship. About her dream partner, she revealed that she was looking for a man who was not in the public eye. She justified this position by saying that that public figures would mostly turn out to be “blatant narcissists”.who are not able to lead a relationship according to their ideas.

Now it almost seems as if she has a new partner at her side. At least that’s the opinion of Lola’s followers. But is there any truth to the assumptions? At least the 26-year-old no longer denied it completely.

Is Lola Weippert taken again?

“Ms. Weippert, who is working on you right now?” Lola Weippert published this direct question from a user in her Instagram story. She replied to the user: “I won’t reveal who is working for me, but let me say this much: ‘Everything is wonderful'”.

Apparently, the former radio host received several such messages and questions, because in another story she also responded to her fans’ speculation:

“Guys, you’re so curious, but I’m just the same. I always want to know everything, who with whom and why, why, why. I would ask the same thing, but I’ve learned from the past. I won’t show my friend anymore . I’m not showing any more potential friends. I’m going to keep all of that out of the way as much as I can.”

The fans speculate: is Lola Weippert taken again?

The fans speculate: is Lola Weippert taken again?Screenshot instagram.com/lolaweippert

Lola doesn’t want to reveal anything about her relationship status. However, the following can be said: the native of Rottweiler currently has a visitor that she does not show on the Internet. And the visit is malebecause on the photo and video platform she asked her community which men’s clothing stores there were in Berlin. Her visitor’s luggage had not arrived.

Lola Weippert's followers don't mince words.

Lola Weippert’s followers don’t mince words.Screenshot instagram.com/lolaweippert

In any case, her fans already seem to be convinced that Lola is at least dating a man. Because when Lola commented that she was not going to exercise this week, she received these messages: “Bed sport is also a sport” or “Sex also counts as a sport.” But she took it with humor. “You are really tough,” she commented amused in her story and added laughing emojis.

Either way: Lola Weippert seems to be doing well. And professionally, things couldn’t be better for her anyway. In 2021 she celebrated several successes on TV: Earlier this year she took part in the 14th season of “Let’s Dance” and finished sixth together with Christian Polanc. She also moderated several RTL formats.


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