RTLZWEI throws out “Love Island” candidate Bucci: “Abusive, disrespectful and wrong”


Apr 02, 2022 – 11:44 am Clock

“We’re about love and having fun. Not badly dented manhood” – With these words, “Love Island” spokesman Simon Beeck announces the end of candidate Bucci. RTLZWEI kicks the candidate out of the dating show at the end of the eleventh episode. That’s never happened before! But with his behavior towards Islander Sandrine and other “Love Island” singles, he has crossed a clear line.

“This is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen on ‘Love Island'”

But what exactly happened? In a nutshell: In a challenge, the “Love Island” women should dance to the boys – not an untypical game for the dating show. But Bucci has his own way of dealing with this situation: he wants to boycott the dance session. And he actually manages to convince Mahdi and Nico of his plan. And so the boys sometimes even get up from their chairs and turn away from the women while they dance. The reason: the men want to show each other “respect”. Or to put it in Simon Beeck’s words: “Caveman-style respect.” We show the spectacle in the video above.

The legendary “Love Island” voice hits the spot: “It’s underground […] That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen on ‘Love Island’. The Heroes of Respect. How can a person make such a fool of himself?”

Sandrine makes an announcement to Bucci

Everyone except Bucci, Nico and Mahdi agree: This action has nothing to do with respect. For candidate Sandrine, the situation is particularly unbearable. She’s actually dating Bucci. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time that the candidate has behaved so disrespectfully and that’s why her collar is finally bursting. In a conversation, she makes it clear to the 31-year-old that his behavior is an absolute no-go. But their message is not received, as we show in the video below. “And Bucci? Of course, he sticks to his tried-and-tested tactics: talk the woman to the ground. Also very important: the woman is always to blame”Simon Beeck comments sharply on the situation.

And then the “Love Island” spokesman announces Bucci’s expulsion: “Your behavior towards Sandrine and some others is so abusive, so disrespectful and wrong that your time on ‘Love Island’ is over. We’re about love and having fun. Not badly battered manhood. Farewell and bye .”

That’s what RTLZWEI says about Bucci’s expulsion

An official statement from the broadcaster said: “At yesterday’s “Love Island” party, Bucci’s behavior towards Sandrine and other islanders came to a head in such a way that the broadcaster and production company decided that from now on he would no longer be part of the broadcast. He has already been informed of this decision and has left the villa.”

Fans celebrate RTLZWEI’s decision

The “Love Island” fans online cheer RTLZWEI’s consistent decision. Ex-Icelander Stephi Schmitz comments on the Instagram post with a strong statement: “Real love never requires owning someone! Thank you for no longer offering a platform for this toxic image of masculinity! I hope it’s a statement that other formats can also use as a guide! Thank you ‘Love Island’.” Sandrine is also celebrated for her announcement: “Finally she told him what she thought.” Everyone agrees: “Absolutely right and appropriate!”

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