Santander Consumer, TD SYNNEX and IBM benefit SMEs

Santander Consumer makes available to small and medium-sized companies a line of financing at 34.5% for 12 months to implement hybrid cloud solutions of IBMwith the support of TD SYNNEX. Lines with a term of up to 48 months will also be made available.

SMEs will be able to accelerate business modernization in a secure environment to quickly respond to the needs of their customers, through an agile, flexible and fast process.

Companies face the challenge of recovering the levels of the pre-pandemic economy, in a context of permanent change and increasingly demanding consumers. For small and medium-sized businesses this is even more difficult as they often have limited budgets and outdated business processes.

A hybrid cloud approach enables organizations to make strategic decisions about which workloads to move to the cloud and which to stay on-premises, based on their own modernization path. In this way, companies gain flexibility and agility to accelerate innovation with new products and services.

Santander ConsumerTD SYNNEX (formerly Tech Data) and IBM embark on a new collaboration to support the growth and modernization of small and medium-sized enterprises in Argentina.

Martin SolanoDirector of Santander Consumer Argentinacommented: ‘We are excited about this collaboration because it allows many Argentine SMEs and companies to modernize their processes and accelerate the digital transformation, so necessary at this time’.

‘This validates our path and encourages us to continue contributing to the growth of companies and people and with that, to the development of the country’.

For your part ferdinand lohfishVice President and General Manager, Spanish South America de TD SYNNEXassured: ‘We are delighted to work with Santander Consumer and IBM to provide Argentine companies with the possibility of modernizing their IT infrastructure with a hybrid cloud approach.’

‘In a competitive market like the current one, it is essential for companies to be able to modernize themselves in order to reach their customers with a better and more competitive offer.’

Robert AlexanderGeneral Manager of IBM Argentina He added: ‘This approach is the most accurate for small and medium-sized companies, to optimize their investments and achieve solid business with the support of hybrid cloud technologies and artificial intelligence.’

‘We are very excited about this collaboration with Santander Consumer and TD SYNNEX. We hope that this offer will provide greater opportunities for companies and allow them to compete on equal terms in an increasingly challenging market.’

The aim is to facilitate access to technology IBMto boost your business, improve revenue, streamline processes and create better experiences for your customers. The financing program Santander Consumerwill allow companies to access, in an agile and fast way, a special selection of the latest generation technology from IBMwith the support of TD SYNNEXto transform and modernize your workflows.

At the beginning of their cloud journeys, organizations often move simple workloads to the cloud and are now considering migrating more complex and mission-critical workloads as they embrace modernization.

Although it is not the first time that the Santander Group me IBM work together, this occasion is emerging as the engine of change that will provide companies with faster and more reliable business opportunities.

The financing program Santander will allow its customers to access a selection of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence technologies from IBM through TD SYNNEXto help them accelerate digital transformation and expand their hybrid cloud approach.

The solutions are aimed at offering companies a hybrid cloud environment capable of supporting, managing and leveraging their data, as well as implementing AI to improve business performance and optimize informed decision-making.

According to a study of IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), the use of hybrid cloud generates 2.5 times more business value than a single cloud platform approach. This means that collaborations such as Santander Consumer, TD SYNNEX me IBM they are a great example of how the integrated work of the ecosystem offers scalable alternatives that will allow organizations to obtain the maximum benefit if they are not afraid of reinvention.

As part of the ecosystem of IBMthe collaboration of TD SYNNEX with IBM combines the strengths of companies to help solve the most complex challenges in business and society for clients such as Santander with hybrid cloud and AI.

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