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Social networks and the exposure of the intimacy of celebrities and artists can give a false impression that we are very close to our idols. We follow your daily life, your personal life and your creative process, but there’s more to it than that to learn about who we admire.

Knowing about their origins and trajectories, the first steps in their career, the ups and downs, their quirks and intimacies, even such well-kept secrets can be revealed in a biography.

Even more so if we are talking about professionals who have been very successful in the past or those who, even still in activity, are still inmates and against the exposure.

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Whether it’s an autobiography or a book written by someone else (authorized or not), this genre of literature appeases our curiosity about the lives of art icons and helps to humanize them, showing their failures, frustrations and stumbles, as well as their overcoming.

Reading a biography is also an opportunity to be inspired, to learn and, in fact, to bring great personalities closer.

With that in mind, we have selected a list of biographies of names that have marked and still mark our popular music, from those who have left us, such as Elza Soares (most recently), to those who continue to provide us with masterpieces.

There are memoirs, texts about specific stages of life and much more.

Come check it out!

Roberto Carlos Again: 1941-1970 (Vol. 1), by Paulo Cesar de Araújo – Editora Record

Price: 46.90*

Image: Disclosure

Author of the controversial book “Roberto Carlos In Details”, from 2006, Araújo revisits the life of the King in this biography whose first volume covers, in a very original way, from his poor childhood and the beginning of his career in Bossa Nova until his rise as a star. of rock with Jovem Guarda and the musical success on TV and in the movies. The next volume promises to show the new Roberto that emerges from the 1970s.

Elza, by Zeca Camargo – Editora Leya

Price: BRL 41.40*

Elza, by Zeca Camargo - Publisher Leya - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

One of the greatest voices not only of samba, but of all Brazilian music, Elza Soares passed away at the end of January 2022, at the age of 91. For this official biography, Zeca Camargo not only relied on extensive research, but also on numerous meetings and conversations with Elza. All this to narrate her story, from her poor origins to the consecration with records that marked an era in the past and in the last years of her career.

Rita Lee: An Autobiography, by Rita Lee – Editora Globo Livros

Price: BRL 30.80*

Rita Lee: An Autobiography, by Rita Lee - Editora Globo Livros - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Considered the greatest muse of national rock, Rita Lee delivers in this autobiography one of her most personal projects. Not only in the stories that he tells without fear, but also in the conception of the cover and in the selection of images that make up the book, exposing his complete trajectory, both the glories and the setbacks, such as the birth of children and countless songs, and his imprisonment. in 1976, for example.

Narciso on Vacation, by Caetano Veloso – Editora Companhia Das Letras

Price: BRL 38.22*

Narciso on Vacation, by Caetano Veloso - Editora Companhia das Letras - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Originally a chapter of his autobiography “Verdade Tropical” (1997), “Narciso em Férias” recounts the impact that 54 days of unjustified imprisonment in 1968, days after the AI-5 decree, had on Caetano Veloso’s life. The story also gave rise to the documentary of the same name, from 2020, and this edition also brings records of the process opened by the dictatorship against the singer, revealed to him only in 2018.

Elis: A musical biography, by Arthur de Faria – Editora Arquipélago Editorial

Price: BRL 51.24*

Elis: A musical biography, by Arthur de Faria - Editora Arquipélago Editorial - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Written by gaucho musician and journalist Arthur de Aguiar and the result of 30 years of research, this biography offers a unique insight into Elis’ formative years in Porto Alegre until her national explosion. The author’s regional and musical knowledge contribute to a different look that the book brings about the singer’s life story and her work, with a fluid and engaging language.

Breed mutt: Memories, by Ney Matogrosso – Editora Tordesilhas

Price: BRL 34*

Breed mutt: Memórias, by Ney Matogrosso - Editora Tordesilhas - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

From the moment when he emerged with the group Secos & Molhados, one of the most disruptive national bands until today, this memoir goes through all phases of Ney Matogrosso’s artistic trajectory. His troubled family relationship and its effects, his experience with drugs, his fight against censorship, his sexuality and his loves, nothing escapes this personal account, which is still filled with photos.

Belchior – Just a Latin American boy, by Jotabê Medeiros – Editora However

Price: BRL 34.89*

Belchior - Just a Latin American boy, by Jotabê Medeiros - Publisher However - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Belchior was an artist who gathered both renown during his career and mystery in his personal life. Ten years before he died, he mysteriously disappeared, and that was the trigger for journalist Jotabê Medeiros to write this biography that recreates little-known moments in the life of the singer from Ceará, such as his time in a monastery that so influenced his personality and interests.

Zé Ramalho: The Poet of the Abysses, by Henri Koliver – Editora Madras

Price: BRL 37.91*

Zé Ramalho: The Poet of the Abysses, by Henri Koliver - Publisher Madras - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

With such a prolific career, ranging from folk to MPB, from psychedelic rock to cordel verses, Zé Ramalho is one of the most important and enigmatic Brazilian artists of the last century. This biography brings to light, in a profound way, both his intimacy and that of his work, narrating his trajectory of ups and downs, influences and experimentation in his career, and his undeniable success.

Nobody can with Nara Leão: A biography, by Tom Cardoso – Editora Planeta

Price: BRL 34.70*

Nobody can with Nara Leão: A biography, by Tom Cardoso - Editora Planeta - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

There is no way to tell the story of Nara Leão without also mentioning the birth of Bossa Nova, the genre of which she would become the muse. In this book, we see how the singer from the state of Espírito Santo, raised in Rio de Janeiro, leaves the shadows of her father and older sister to surprise the country, how she helped to form one of the main Brazilian musical styles and all the social upheaval in which she lived in the 1960s. at 1980.

Raul Seixas: Don’t say the song is lost, by Jotabê Medeiros – Editora However

Price: BRL 53.69*

Raul Seixas: Don't say that the song is lost, by Jotabê Medeiros - Editora However - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

In yet another biography of a national music icon, Jotabê Medeiros narrates the trajectory of Raul Seixas, from middle-class life in Salvador, through the difficult years in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, to winning over the general public with his verses and joining the counterculture. The book does not shy away from portraying the years following all this, with the musician’s alcoholism and chemical dependence.

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