Shopify introduces the new era of commerce. infoRETAIL Magazine.

infoRETAIL.- Shopify VP of Product and Merchant Services Kaz Nejatian (pictured left) and Shopify VP of Core Product Glen Coates (right) presented at a roundtable on-linewhich he has attended infoRETAILthe first edition of ‘Shopify Editions’, in which the provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce has presented its new solutions for the retail.

“At Shopify we want to help businesses succeed and for this we provide businesses with the tools they need to achieve it,” said Kaz Nejatian, emphasizing the company’s focus “on the new era of commerce, promoting a radically different model thanks to the concept connect to consumer (C2C)”.

“We want to solve the complex challenges merchants face with innovative concepts that allow them to grow their businesses,” added Glen Coates, adding that ‘Shopify Editions’ offers “the latest advances in the retail so merchants can grow faster.”

Kaz Nejatian: “We want to help businesses succeed and for this reason we promote a radically different business model thanks to the ‘connect to consumer’ concept”

The summer edition of ‘Shopify Editions’ has more than a hundred innovations, grouped around four commerce concepts: wholesale, social, community and offline. As for the part of wholesaleShopify presents its B2B platform so that merchants can connect with other businesses and increase their sales, knowing that this type of relationship offers approximately twice the size of the market than D2C.

“Finding brand-adjacent partners builds credibility, especially for emerging brands, and generates new leads,” explains Shopify, which is partnering with ERP providers like NetSuite and Acumatica to provide essential business data for a merchant. to Shopify automatically.

With respect to social commerce, the Ottawa (Canada) company wants its products to increase their role in conversations on social networks, which is why it is the first commerce platform to partner with Twitter to launch ‘Twitter Shopping’. It features the ‘Shop Spotlight’ storefront, which displays up to five products on a merchant’s profile, and ‘Twitter Shops’, a new shopping tab where merchants can showcase up to 50 products and create a new store.

As for the community commerceShopify drives tokenized commerce (token-gated commerce), which offers a new way to deepen connections and reward brand fans through exclusive access, via non-fungible tokens (NFT), to unique benefits and experiences. These consumer-turned-fans just need to connect their cryptocurrency wallets to a store on-line from Shopify and use your NFTs to unlock experiences.

Thanks to the partnership with Google, local store inventory can be synchronized and merchants can optimize their relationship with consumers

“The token-gated commerce helps brands build community, a central pillar of the C2C era, enabling loyalty to be driven through unique experiences with true brand fans,” said Kaz Nejatian, adding that these experiences can be activated at any time ( either on-line or in person) with Shopify POS.

At the level of offline commercethe company founded by Tobi Lütke is one of the first trading platforms to make Tap to Pay on iPhone available to US merchants, making it easy for them to experience selling in person before choosing to invest in hardware retail.

In this section, Shopify’s partnership with Google stands out to optimize the use of the information generated by searches carried out by consumers in local businesses. Thanks to the synchronization of local store inventory through Google, which is now available in Spain, merchants automatically inform their closest customers when a product is already available in store.

Finally, the company has also introduced ‘Shopify Functions’, which is an essential tool for C2C commerce, as it allows merchants to customize features of their Shopify store to make their brand stand out from the rest. Among other functions, it highlights a fast payment experience and the creation of certain promotions that include personalized offers and gifts.