Star injured himself in live show – with bitter consequences

For Christian Polanc and Michelle, the time for “Let’s Dance” is over. Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

The worst Corona wave in “Let’s Dance” seems to be over – the 15th season of the RTL show has so far been marked by numerous Covid-related failures, in the past week all professionals, celebrities, jurors and moderators were negative and full of enthusiasm for the first time on the matter. However, one couple had to voluntarily throw in the towel: Due to persistent back problems, pop singer Michelle could not continue to participate in the competition.

She and her dance partner Christian Polanc were spared the rampant virus, so it was all the more annoying that both had to leave anyway. Despite everything, Christian should have another appearance on “Let’s Dance” – the fans would have actually seen him next Friday at the opening performance. The 43-year-old has now also rejected it.

Professional dancer injured in live show

Instead of the rehearsals from Cologne, Christian spoke up on Tuesday from his apartment. “I’m at home now and I have a lot of things to do here,” he announced, adding: “Actually, I was supposed to do ‘Let’s Dance’ again at the opening this week, but unfortunately my ankle thwarted my plans.” The dancer also explained how the injury came about:

“I actually sprained my right ankle a bit during the last show.”

Christian Polanc will "let's Dance" have to follow from the couch at home.

Christian Polanc will have to follow “Let’s Dance” from the couch at home.Image: Screenshot/Instagram/christianpolanc

The last show mentioned by Christian was probably April 1st, and here he also had a role in the opening performance together with the other dancers. Very pro-like, the audience couldn’t make out the moment when he must have sustained the injury. He went through with the performance completely.

Christian Polanc’s worst placement so far on “Let’s Dance”

After Christian’s show-off in 2022, he again gave a detailed “Let’s Dance” conversation on Instagram. In the live stream on Sunday he answered the most pressing questions from his fans. One of them confronted the dancer with the fact that last year he was considering giving up his “Let’s Dance” career – after all, this was already the 14th season in which he started.

The commentator now explained that a voluntary, injury-related departure could not really be an appropriate farewell from the show. Christian agreed, but did not want to guarantee his participation in 2023:

“I’ll put it this way, we’ll see. Every year I look at what my obligations are, what are the other offers, what are the other options, what about my company? And then I decide again.”

In fact, it would be a sad “Let’s Dance” departure for another reason, because it is the first time that Christian and his dance partner have to make do with a double-digit placement – together he and Michelle were forced to finish tenth.

He had to leave once due to illness. That was in 2010 with Hillu Schwetje, who did not compete again due to an accident. At that time, however, fewer couples took part, so that they still took eighth place.

It remains to be seen whether Christian will return as a professional dancer or even as a juror in the coming season – at least last year he had already expressed the desire to replace one of the jurors.


Last week on “Let’s Dance” there was a contemporary for singer Mike Singer and his dance partner Christina Luft. The duo danced to the song “It’ll be okay” by Shawn Mendes at the end of a relationship – including depictions of despair, longing and love. Their emotional commitment was rewarded by the jury: they received an impressive 26 points in total. Mike was able to improve again, the week before he had received 23 points for his Quickstep.

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