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For six days, Matí participated in the recordings where she was accompanied by the NEX Institute

Jaguar was invited to participate in the recordings. (Photo: NEX Institute)

Matí is one of the great stars who star in the remake of the soap opera Pantanal. To film the scenes where the characters Juma Marruá (Alanis Guillen) and Maria Marruá (Juliana Paes) transform into a jaguar, the broadcaster invited Matí to participate in some chapters of the plot.

Instituto NEX is responsible for taking care of the jaguar that made another appearance in yesterday’s episode (05) of the soap opera. The first time, Matí appears on the scene, while Maria tries to save her husband Gil from the jaguar’s attack. The coordinator of Activities and Projects at Instituto NEX, Daniela Gianni, commented on the recording process in the Pantanal.

For six days, Matí was accompanied on the recording set and, according to Daniela, several protocols were followed. “I had an exclusive enclosure for her and, whenever I asked, they provided extra food for her. Every hour there was an interval where she stayed in a place with a low temperature, because the Pantanal is very hot”, she explains.

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In addition to the special invitation being welcomed, Daniela highlights the importance of taking Matí to the screens. “Our life mission is to give visibility to this cause, protect and defend the jaguar. Every time I have the opportunity to show Brazil the importance of this species, that it deserves to be respected, for me, it is the culmination of our mission,” she says.

Since 2001, the institute has received cats sent by Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources). On site, the organization takes care of these animals and ensures the preservation of the species. After losing his mother in a road accident, Matí had to receive permanent care and could not return to nature.

Because it was bred in captivity, the jaguar developed a more docile behavior, which is one of the reasons why it was chosen for the soap opera. “Matí is very calm, none of her scenes required effort or aggression, she practically just walked around and the editing staff did the rest of the work. It was all very natural, because Matí is used to walking”, he reinforces.

Daniela and Matí during the recordings of the soap opera.  (Photo: NEX Institute)
Daniela and Matí during the recordings of the soap opera. (Photo: NEX Institute)

To ensure that the jaguar was not stressed in the new environment, the institution’s team carried out some tests. “We did a cortisol test to assess the level of stress. The exam was done before Matí left the Pantanal and her cortisol level when we returned to the NEX was the same”, she reports.

Having worked with the species for two decades, Daniela comments that she has developed a bond with them. In the case of Matí, the situation was no different. “Me and her have a really important connection, it’s like we’re best friends. In addition to completing each other, we talk through the eyes”, she says.

This connection, according to the coordinator, helped in the dynamics of work in the Pantanal. “When there was a moment when she was wondering something, I would talk to the team and they would arrange another situation. If I thought she was tired, she would ask for a day off and the staff would give it to us,” she says.

Matí participated in six days of filming and returned to the institute.  (Photo: NEX Institute)
Matí participated in six days of filming and returned to the institute. (Photo: NEX Institute)

After the six days of recording, Matí and Daniela returned to the institute located in the state of Goiás. The coordinator celebrates the fact that the jaguar stood out and broke some negative concepts. “Our objective was achieved, everyone is talking about the jaguar. We brought visibility and people are learning that the jaguar is not this demonic animal,” she explains.

At the end of the interview, Daniela emphasized that the entire process had all the necessary authorizations from Organs competent bodies. “Everything was regularized, the environmental agencies knew all the details and participated in the project”, she concludes.

If you want to know more about the organization’s cause and the work developed, the profile on Instagram is @nex_noextinction.

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