Statement by Klum on “GNTM” causes a stir

Heidi Klum has been looking for “Germany’s next top model” since 2006.Image: dpa / Richard H

15 candidates are currently fighting for the title “Germany’s next top model”. This time, season 17 is all about diversity. The age range is 18 to 68 years. There are also big differences in body and clothing size: from 1.54 to 1.95 meters and from 30 to 54, Heidi Klum covers different model types.

Speaking on the show, the 48-year-old said: “I’m still looking for a model that has that certain something. The demand for diversity is now greater than ever. Now I’m looking for new faces with a wide variety of heights, ages and personalities.”

But there are always allegations from the fans that the show is more and more about finding “Germany’s next influencer”. Within the program, a special focus is placed on how the participants present themselves on their social media channels. In the past, the accounts were increasingly used for coaching purposes. Now the official “GNTM” page shared a quote from Heidi on Instagram, which underlined the view.

Heidi Klum with a clear message

Heidi Klum’s statement read as follows: “Today, designers sometimes book their models based on the number of followers, so good marketing on social media is more important than ever.” In view of this, it is not surprising that every candidate gets an official top model profile at the beginning of the talent show. The “GNTM” account finally asked the fans: “What do you think? Can you agree or not?”

The answers were not long in coming. One user said: “What does the number of followers do? In my opinion, it’s not important, but rather the person behind it. Even someone who has few followers can do their job well and maybe better than those who who has more followers. So what does this have to do with count? I find it reckless not to give opportunities to others with fewer followers.”

Another subscriber said, “Bad, as if that’s the measure of a model’s true talent.” That’s how this user saw it: “In the industry, it’s often not about talent, it’s about reach.” Incidentally, the official “GNTM” account wrote: “In today’s model world, aesthetics are less characterized by ideal dimensions, but of individuality and personality. Neither designers nor social networks are interested in an empty shell.”

However, there were also users who agreed with Heidi. “Unfortunately, it’s pretty good,” was one comment, for example. “Unfortunately true,” added another follower. Incidentally, Dagi Bee recently criticized the representation of influencers on “GNTM”. The reason for this was that the up-and-coming models were asked to choose one of three fantasy products to advertise as part of a social media shoot.

Dagi then ranted on Instagram: “Is ‘GNTM’ really about advertising a junk product because ‘models’ have to be able to do it now, because it’s actually about finding ‘Germany’s next influencer’?” And further: “But it’s cool that influencers are somehow downgraded again because they only hold shitty products in the camera anyway and only want the money. I don’t know.”


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