Stranger Things 4 Interview: “It’s the scariest season of the entire series”

Is it possible to die during a nightmare? Freddy Krueger showed us that our dreams could become very dangerous terrain, at the mercy of his blades. And Stranger Things 4 reminds us of that fear again, with an upcoming season premiering on Netflix on May 27. The mysteries of Hawkins come to an end with a new arc that honors a movie star slasher and, of course, following the parallelism of Dungeons and Dragons. Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers) and Natalie Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) They have attended the presentation of the fourth season in Madrid, they tell us about their experiences during the filming and what we can expect from Stranger Things 4.

A scarier season

“This season is the darkest and the scariest; very intense,” says Natalie Dyer. Charlie Heaton highlights that this season is the most ambitious, starting because in this arc the story transcends beyond Hawkins. In addition, new actors are added to the cast and the expectations of creating a round closure to a series that has accompanied us for years. The evolution, according to the actor, is clear: “If the first season was like the goonies, This is Nightmare in Elm street”.

Stranger Things 4indeed, is not shy about paying tribute to Nightmare in Elm street and has the presence of Robert Englund, who plays Freddy Krueger in the classic saga. Dyer dedicated very affectionate words to him about what it has been like to work with him: “He brought a very positive energy. From the beginning the Duffer brothers [showrunners y guionistas de la serie] They made us recommendations about movies that we had to see before we started filming, and Nightmare in Elm street I was one of them.” The actress highlights a monologue by Robert Englund in which she put a lot of feeling and good sense, that she was a master class for the entire team present. “stranger things It pays homage to certain horror classics and working with the protagonist of one of them has been incredible.”

STRANGER THINGS. (L to R) Eduardo Franco as Argyle, Charlie Heaton as Jonathan, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Noah Schnapp as Will Byers, and Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler in STRANGER THINGS. Credit Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

“Like a big family”

After so many years sharing this project, the Stranger Things 4 team has created a very special connection, as Charlie Heaton points out: “It’s like a big family, and that helps a lot to manage the pressure caused by the expectations that have grown along with the Serie. with the duffers we feel safe and we do something very fun and exciting.”

They have also provided us with details of the creative process. Natalie Dyer comments on the blind trust that they have in the scriptwriters, “but the actors also have the freedom to make our own proposals within the shooting”.

Stranger Things 4 Netflix Charlie Heaton Jonathan Byers Nancy Wheeler Natalie Dyer mystery horror A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger tv series

The pandemic, for its part, greatly slowed down a shoot that has lasted for two years and that, in addition, met greater demands: 9 scripts, 800 script pages, new locations and a larger cast with respective new parallel plots. Dyer highlights the difficulty of having carried out this last season, in which everything has finally come to fruition.

Also, as usual in other audiovisual works, the scenes are recorded out of order. In Stranger Things, the actors emphasize the importance of quickly adapting to the tone of different sequences: going from dramatic moments to comedy is quite a challenge. Natalie Dyer described it as “to be constantly doing a puzzle”. Charlie Heaton underscored how satisfying it is to see the full episodes where everything fits together, with scenes where they haven’t been present.

Stranger Things 4 Netflix Charlie Heaton Jonathan Byers Nancy Wheeler Natalie Dyer mystery horror A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger tv series

As for their favorite season, both actors agree: the first. Charlie Heaton honestly explains: “The first season is special, and it is very difficult to recognize this because on a promotional tour I would have to say that the fourth is the best. But the first time you do something is usually special.” However, it also highlights that from the same script reading the characters were already speechless.

Evolution in 4 seasons

As a curiosity, Charlie Heaton related that one of my biggest challenges when playing Jonathan was develop an american accent, being British and, in particular, he had a hard time pronouncing Nancy’s name with the right accent: “There are many scenes recorded with the whole team behind the cameras yelling at me how to pronounce ‘Nancy'”. It should be remembered that Heaton’s experience before Stranger Things was very brief: “I sent a video for the casting and I didn’t have to be bad at it, because they called me!” Charlie Heaton steeped himself in American culture to get into the role, highlighting his and Jonathan’s synchronization through music.

Stranger Things 4 Netflix Charlie Heaton Jonathan Byers Nancy Wheeler Natalie Dyer mystery horror A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger tv series

During the press conference, the interesting question of the evolution of the characters of Nancy and Jonathan through these four seasons of Stranger Things was raised. Natalie Dyer is aware of the maturity of her character, who has become more independent: “Compared to the first season, Nancy has found her own voice and he has learned to trust his intention.” The actress praises the writing team, who have provided us with a cast of well-drawn and positive female characters. One of them is Robin, played by actress Maya Hawke. “The dynamic between Robin and Nancy is fantastic. We have some really great scenes together, and I love being a part of a story with such strong, intelligent women.”

Charlie Heaton also talks about Jonathan this season, who breaks up with Nancy and tries to deal with their long-distance relationship. “One of the new characters is Argyle, who helps Jonathan a lot although he goes to the ‘medication’”. Eduardo Franco, who plays Argyle, has made a very positive impact on Heaton. “We did a lot of improvisations from humor and I loved bringing out this facet of Jonathan with him.”

The countdown has already begun: on May 27, Hawkins awaits us with a new and terrifying threat.

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