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It was January 2017 when designer Eduardo Tavares opened his first bakery, in partnership with his brother, André, and cousin Pedro Abott. Passionate about fermentation, she had spent the last few years studying the subject (she even took a baking course in California) and offering her creations to family and friends.

Castália arrived at a time when the artisan breads movement was starting to explode in Brasília and immediately enchanted me with that good smell that came from the basement of block D, on the commercial at 102 Norte. The first weeks, in fact, were filled with queues at the door and some complaints about not being contemplated by everyone who wanted to taste the brand’s breads.

After two years and a lot of learning to get the operation going, the second unit arrived on the market, at 304 Sul, which is more than a bakery. The address became my favorite for offering a more robust menu, with sandwiches, toast, hamburgers and, to accompany, milk shakes and smoothies, in addition to the breads, puffs and cakes from the first unit.

In the list of toasts, there are options with different breads. The rye can come with boursin cheese from Cabríssima, arugula, dried tomatoes from its own production and pickled red onions (R$ 24); or with gorgonzola cream and roasted pumpkin in sugarcane molasses (R$ 20), freshly created and delicious.

My favorites are the 100% wholegrain bread with lemon avocado, pickled red onion, fried egg with soft yolk, pepperoni powder and smoked paprika (R$ 18), and with house bread with smoked salmon and cured with beetroot and brown sugar, arugula, beetroot pickles and cilantro mayonnaise (R$ 26).

In the sandwiches, the highlights are the pastrami made with Beef Passion meat, cucumber pickles with dill, house mustard and dijon (R$ 38), the pulled pork, coleslaw with yogurt and own ketchup (R$ 28). For vegans, one option is the falafel with hummus, coleslaw with cucumber, onion and mint pickles (R$26) and the grilled broccoli and romesco sauce (R$24), both on pumpkin bread.

For lunch or dinner, which require something more robust, the suggestions are the two hamburgers on the house brioche. The first one has Passion beef smash, mayonnaise with pesto, gruyere cheese, arugula and sun-dried tomato, pickled red onion and ketchup. The second goes with meat, spicy mayonnaise, buffalo mozzarella and bacon, pickled cucumber. Both start at R$38.


Those who can’t do without a dessert, have a selection of sweets available, in which the big star is the chocolate pie with fleur de sel (R$ 12), which is on the list of my favorite delights with the ingredient. Another good option is the nut cake with dulce de leche (R$ 14), fluffy and balanced. There is also a banana with walnuts and an orange with raspberry, very tasty too. Both cost $9.

In drinks, I like the hibiscus refreshments with passion fruit and ginger with lemon and raspberry, mate with lemon and guarana with carbonated water. In hot weather, my favorite is the cappuccino, one of the best in town.

The breads are arranged on shelves inside the Asa Sul store


As for the bakery, which is a great temptation, you couldn’t miss a well-buttered croissant (R$8), baguette (R$8), olive bread (R$12). The one with cocoa with baru nuts and chocolate likes (R$ 6.50) is the owner of my greed.

There is also the gorgonzola bread with walnuts (R$15), spelled flour (rich in protein) with chia (R$14), pumpkin with thyme and onion flakes (R$6.50), and the multigrain curry. (R$ 6.50).

It is also possible to take home some items used on the menu, such as smoked salmon with monkey pepper (R$ R$ 25, 100g), typical of the Cerrado, spinach pesto, basil, cashew nuts, parmesan (R$ 30 ), pork rillette seasoned with thyme and bay leaf (R$ 10), jellies, caramel with fleur de sel, cashew nut paste, among other items.

Whether you want to have breakfast a little later, have a quick lunch, a happy hour or a Sunday brunch, Castália is the perfect choice. Just remembering that the menu at Asa Sul is more extensive than that at Asa Norte.

Artisan Castalia
CLN 102, block D, Store 64/74
Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 am to 8 pm
Phone: (61) 3081-8899

CLS 304, block B, 2/4 stores
Phone: (61) 3224-2765
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 8 pm
Instagram: @castaliartesanal

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