Surprise appearance by Oliver Pocher – for the first time since the scandal

Oliver Pocher made a surprise appearance.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Imke Gerriets

Halftime on “Let’s Dance”. Finally, on Friday evening there were nine dancing couples who were able to demonstrate their skills on the dance floor in show six. With salsa, contemporary, tango or a Charleston, they tried to make the hearts of the jury members and the audience beat faster. Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató were particularly convincing, because they not only caused thunderous applause, but also a grandiose jury rating.

However, things looked different for Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova. The two were led by the jurors mightily on slippery ice. In the end, however, Oliver Pocher’s performance caused a great deal of amazement.

The jury was delighted with the performances.

The jury was delighted with the performances.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Amira and Massimo inspire the jury

Amira and Massimo received the highest score of the evening with their Charleston to “Yes Sir, that’s my Baby” by Firehouse Five Plus Two. Before her performance, Amira said: “The dance I was most afraid of. With the Charleston, there is no one who leads.” In the clip, she became particularly emotional when she spoke about the relationship with comedian Oliver Pocher:

“At home we are on an equal footing. I was already living alone when I was 16. You felt very, very small next to it, that was an imbalance. It’s the truth: I am the wife of a well-known man. He opens the Door, I have to go through it alone. I’m incredibly happy that I found myself thanks to Oli.”

Amira and Massimo put everyone in a good mood.

Amira and Massimo put everyone in a good mood.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

After her performance, the jury went into raptures. Motsi Mabuse said: “That was your best dance, I found it super charming. It was funny, exciting, tidy. Amira is back.” Joachim Llambi added: “You took care of your husband.” This was probably an allusion to the slap scandal last weekend, in which Oliver Pocher was attacked on the sidelines of a boxing match. But this was not discussed further, rather the judgment of Jorge González was expected:

“You offered everything a Charleston needs. I believed everything. Your best dance.”

Jorge was enthusiastic about Amira's performance.

Jorge was enthusiastic about Amira’s performance.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Before Llambi continued, Amira said with a wink: “Don’t screw up the good mood.” He didn’t do that, but already revealed that he will give ten points for the dance. The mother of two sons could hardly believe it: “I’ve slowly given up hope. It’s great and then I get a smack.” Daniel Hartwich quickly stepped in and said: “Better hurry before you break it.” In fact, Amira got 30 points from the jury, more was not possible. Massimo said proudly about his dance partner:

“Today the knot burst, you are a born entertainer, slowly land is in sight.”

Amira was happy about her 30 points.

Amira was happy about her 30 points.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Bastian Bielendorfer is tricked by the jury

Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova surprised the audience and spectators with their tango to “Mission Impossible”. The jury wasn’t too enthusiastic at first. Joachim Llambi said dryly: “I didn’t think it was that good today. I thought it was better last week.” Motsi Mabuse simply said: “Joachim was right.” And Jorge González added: “Sorry.” The tension was clearly visible in the faces of the dancing couple. When the two wanted to go to Victoria Swarovski, the jury suddenly shouted: “April, April!”

Ekaterina and Bastian were visibly irritated.

Ekaterina and Bastian were visibly irritated.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Llambi was happy about the successful joke: “It was a shitty feeling, wasn’t it? You don’t have any color in your face anymore.” Bastian was finally happy and said: “I just shit my pants.” In the end he got 17 points. Llambi even praised him: “After last week you improved again. You gave it your all, you were serious. It suits you 100 times better.” Jorge said enthusiastically: “I love this show because miracles happen here. Today you danced.”

Oliver Pocher is suddenly on the dance floor

Before it was announced who had to go, comedian Oliver Pocher suddenly entered the studio. He handed over the golden envelope that contained the decision on who had to leave the show. Based on the physical attack he recently experienced, he initially said that you are scared if someone just comes on stage. However, he assured: “There’s nothing tangible today. I’ve taken enough in the week.”

Here Oliver Pocher welcomed Victoria Swarovski.

Here Oliver Pocher welcomed Victoria Swarovski.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Pocher then joked at his wife’s expense: “Amira has to be shaking today. It’s going to be a very tight thing, nobody’s calling.” However, he quickly admitted: “She did it sensationally. 30 points is a dream, I needed the whole season for that.” With a side swipe, he continued that it was not important who had to leave the show anyway, since individual candidates would be brought back regularly due to the corona.

For Caroline and Valentin it's over again.

For Caroline and Valentin it’s over again.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

“The good thing is, no matter who gets kicked out, he’ll be back next week anyway. Now just get well is the motto.”so Pocher. Finally, the 44-year-old said: “Why should you let your mood be spoiled by individual idiots?” By the way, young politician Caroline Bosbach and Valentin Lusin had to leave the show again, they got the fewest calls for their slow waltz. They received a total of 16 points from the jury.

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