Symbol of Peruvian cuisine: discover ceviche

Considered the greatest symbol of Peruvian cuisine, ceviche It is based on white fish cut into cubes and marinated in tiger’s milk (based on lemon and fish stock) and is a great choice for the heat. Its origin is not known for sure, but the recipe may have come from the hands of the Incas, who used a fruit that is related to passion fruit or chicha (typically Peruvian purple corn) to marinate fish. Another version of the origin of the recipe is in the Peruvian coast, where it was customary to eat raw fish seasoned with salt and pepper. Ingredients such as lemon and onion would have been a contribution from the Spaniards.

Regardless of the origin of the recipe, the fact is that ceviche conquered the world and conquered a legion of fans. In the capital of São Paulo, it is possible to taste numerous versions of the recipe full of freshness, which is the face of heat. Below, check out a selection of places to try ceviche.

Photo: 4kodiak / iStock

La Peruana

After a year closed due to the pandemic, the restaurant led by Peruvian chef Marisabel Woodman reopened last October, with a selection of Peruvian dishes full of personality. The wing of the menu dedicated to ceviches brings together suggestions such as the classic (white fish marinated in lemon, coriander, pepper, red onion and tiger milk, served with slices of sweet potato, R$59) and nikkei (tuna marinated in ponzu sauce). of bay orange, wasabi crunchy, Japanese cucumber, sesame, nori and wonton, R$ 65).

Where: Al. Campinas, 1357, Gardens. 5990-0623. 7pm / 11pm (Friday 12pm / 3pm and 7pm / 11pm Sat. 12pm / 4:30pm and 7pm / 11pm Sun. 12pm / 5pm).


The Peruvian chef and former reality show contestant Top Chef Brazil (Record TV) Enrique Paredes runs the restaurant located in a charming garden of a historic mansion. In addition to the classic, made with fish of the day marinated in tiger milk and served with sweet potatoes and Peruvian cancha (crispy corn) (R$55), the menu also offers suggestions such as cebiche y pulpo (fish of the day marinated in of rocoto pepper, grilled octopus and sweet potato mousse, R$ 73). The veggie option is the green cebiche, based on mushrooms and zucchini marinated in a cilantro-based sauce and served with sweet potato mousse (R$48).

Where: R. Guaianazes, 1149, Campos Elíseos. 99560-4321. 12:00 pm / 3:30 pm (Thursday and Friday 12:00 pm / 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm / 11:00 pm Sat. 12:00 pm / 11:00 pm Sun. 12:00 pm / 6:00 pm).

Barú Marisqueria

Fish and seafood are the protagonists of the restaurant’s menu, under the command of Colombian chef Dagoberto Torres. An expert in the Peruvian recipe, Torres presents ceviche in versions such as nuqui, fish marinated in coconut milk, orange and served with banana chips (R$53) and aguachile, based on shrimp marinated in lemon, jalapeño and avocado ( BRL 48).

Where: R. Augusta, 2542, Cerqueira César. 3062-0898. 12 pm / 3 pm and 7 pm / 10 pm (Friday and Sat 12 pm / 4 pm and 7 pm / 10 pm Sun. 12 pm / 5 pm).


With units in Brasília (DF) and Rio de Janeiro, the restaurant led by Peruvian chef Marco Espinoza arrived in São Paulo last October. And it features a menu inspired by chifa cuisine – Peruvian cuisine with a Chinese influence. The ceviche comes in two versions on the menu: the classic, based on white fish marinated in tiger milk, red onion, corn and sweet potato chips (R$44); and the one that bears the name of the house, based on tuna marinated in tiger milk with tamarind, served with fried wonton straw (R$ 45).

Where: R. Padre Chico 631, Pompeii. 3872-8948. 12 pm / 3:30 pm and 7 pm / 11 pm (Friday 12 pm / 4 pm and 7 pm / 12 am Sun. 12 pm / 6 pm and 7 pm / 10 pm). Delivery by iFood.

Gonzales Eatery

Located in the Municipal Market of Pinheiros, the address under the command of Bolivian chef Checho Gonzales (who also runs the Mescla restaurant) offers a selection of Latin American dishes, among which the ceviches stand out. In addition to the classic, based on fish of the day with red onion, dedo-de-moça pepper, coriander and lemon, served with corn and sweet potatoes (R$ 42), the Peruvian recipe appears on the menu in the oriental versions, in which the marinated fish is seasoned with soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil, served with mango cubes (R$43) and coconut milk, based on fish of the day, squid and shrimp with coconut milk and served with orange segments ( BRL 52).

Where: R. Pedro Cristi, 89, box 85, Pinheiros (Municipal Market of Pinheiros). 3813-8719. 11am/5pm (Sunday 12pm/4pm).

Suri Ceviche Bar

As its name suggests, ceviche is the restaurant’s flagship. So much so that the menu brings together no less than ten Peruvian recipe options. The goa, based on croaker, shrimp and squid with curry, coconut milk, red onion, cilantro and served with rice tortillas (R$ 57), the chifa, with shrimp, squid and white fish marinated in tamarind sauce, sesame, chives, served with sweet potato tempura (R$ 58) and the de la casa, with salmon, shrimp and squid with coconut milk, cilantro, onion, served with avocado emulsion and banana chips (R$ 60) .

Where: R. Mateus Grou, 488, Pinheiros. 3034-1763. 12:00 pm / 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm / 10:30 pm (Sat. and Sun. 12:00 pm / 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm / 10:30 pm). Own delivery and by iFood, UberEats, Rappi and Le Chef.