Is Tether in danger before the collapse of UST?

The collapse of TerraUSD dragged down the market, which lost its parity with the dollar and sank 80%. How is the outlook for USDT and the other stablecoins TerraUSD (UST) It is one of the cryptocurrencies of the moment, although not precisely because of a positive factor. The stablecoin lost its parity with the dollar, … Read more

Why Marketing Agencies Should Use Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a form of disruptive technology that did not enter the market quietly: it opened doors and made its presence known. But while blockchain has been busy shaking up the financial sector with cryptocurrencies, that’s not all this new kid on the block has been up to. Blockchain ledger technology has proven to be … Read more

Tesla Will Allow Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining

One of the harshest criticisms of the Bitcoin universe is the need to use high amounts of energy to produce it. The cryptocurrency mining It is a trend that does not stop growing throughout the world, given the high benefits it provides. However, the activity also implies great costs, especially environmental ones, given the high … Read more

what does the bill say

Russian President Vladimir Putin sees cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative to stay afloat after the sanctions imposed for the invasion of Ukraine The Russian Ministry of Finance designed a bill to regulate Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies earlier this year. After the invasion of Ukrainethat has the world on edge since February, Russia was subjected … Read more

Luna Foundation, Issuer of LUNA, Acquires $100M in Bitcoin

Terra (LUNA) witnessed a couple of notable spikes in recent times that showed a growing trend for the asset and its parent company Earth (MOON) is one of the CRYPTOCURRENCIES which grew the most in the last year. In fact, she managed to get into the “Top 10” of those with the largest market capitalization, … Read more

How is the “bitcoin” of beer created by Argentines

Entrepreneurs developed a token to help revive the gastronomic industry after the impact of the pandemic. The keys The pandemic wreaked havoc on many economic sectors but, without a doubt, the tourism and gastronomy They were among the most affected. In this context, Mariano Sonzini and his partners recently gave a kick capable of giving … Read more