Users plan to sue Do Kwon, CEO of Terra

With the fall of the crypto market, thousands of investors around the world saw their savings vanish in hours, with Terra being the most affected The cryptocurrency crashwhich began last week after the announcement of the new interest rates by the FED, led to a collapse unprecedented in this new ecosystem with the debacle of … Read more

Is Tether in danger before the collapse of UST?

The collapse of TerraUSD dragged down the market, which lost its parity with the dollar and sank 80%. How is the outlook for USDT and the other stablecoins TerraUSD (UST) It is one of the cryptocurrencies of the moment, although not precisely because of a positive factor. The stablecoin lost its parity with the dollar, … Read more

US criticism after the UST case

The stable cryptocurrency could not escape the black Monday of the market and its value plummeted to $0.70 per unit. What is the position of the Fed The stablecoinscryptocurrencies whose value is stable and fixed to that of a fiat currency (such as the dollar), appear as a potential threat to the United States Federal … Read more

Binance incorporates regulation specialists

The exchange added to its ranks former regulators of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) the exchange Binancethe largest global provider of infrastructure for the ecosystem of blockchain and cryptocurrenciesbrought into the company former regulators of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to further … Read more

The 7 best cryptocurrencies of this 2022

The cryptocurrencies continue to rise and invest in the decentralized finance keep reporting Benefits to investors who are patient in a market where volatilitythe complexity and the lack of transparency. Virtual currencies are an investment product. Its greatest attraction is that there is no bank or intermediary in investments. Rather, they are represented by a … Read more

the wolf of wall street launched a bitcoin course

Jordan Belfort asserted that “Bitcoin was a massive hoax.” However, he changed his mind and now charges a “master class” of the digital asset. The details Undoubtedly Jordan Belfort, “The Real Wolf of Wall Street”, has excellent timing to see things. However, for many he is considered a “convert” when it comes to the world … Read more