Noah’s Syndrome: the mental disorder that leads to the accumulation of animals (in Portugal there are “indescribable” cases)

The most recent case reported in Portugal took place in April and led to the rescue of 18 cats – they were in a “nauseous space, without air renewal and with thousands of insects” It’s called Noah’s Syndrome and it’s a mental disorder that is characterized by the accumulation of animals. It is increasingly common … Read more

Malnourished rescued maned wolves recover and return to nature in Bahia

Rescued in precarious conditions, malnourished and dehydrated, two maned wolves were released in western Bahia on Thursday (12). Nicknamed Baru and Caliandra, they went through a laborious process of rehabilitation and adaptation to learn to hunt and live in the wild before being released. Maned wolves, an endangered species, were rescued in July 2020 in … Read more