New blood test could help diagnose Alzheimer’s

sSÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – A new blood test recently arrived in Brazil may help in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. By using a technology that identifies small molecules in blood samples, the procedure makes it possible to observe the presence of an important marker of the disease. Alzheimer’s has symptoms such as memory loss and … Read more

Electric cars cheaper than combustion cars with LI-FUN sodium batteries – Technology – Hybrids and Electrics

LI-FUN has announced through a statement on its website the first generation of sodium ion batteries, still in a prototype state, which will be ready by June this year. The main advantage of this type of battery is its useful life, estimated at 4,000 charge and discharge cycles and above all his lower production cost. … Read more

What is the price of the Bitcoin dollar today, Thursday, May 19

After a chaotic week for the entire crypto ecosystem, digital currencies start the week with swings. Is the “red wave” reversed? After hitting new all-time highs (ATH) above $68,500 in October last year, the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest of the market suffered a lethal bloodletting that sent all digital currencies down. This … Read more

Users plan to sue Do Kwon, CEO of Terra

With the fall of the crypto market, thousands of investors around the world saw their savings vanish in hours, with Terra being the most affected The cryptocurrency crashwhich began last week after the announcement of the new interest rates by the FED, led to a collapse unprecedented in this new ecosystem with the debacle of … Read more

Siemens is finalizing a cash-out takeover bid to retake Gamesa

The chronicle of the most announced Ibex takeover bid in recent times could enter its final stretch. After months of continuous speculation, the launch of the offer could be imminent. Bloomberg advanced that Siemens Energy was finalizing a takeover bid to take over the shares that it does not yet control from Siemens Gamesa and … Read more

difference between USDT, DAI and USDC

The rapid collapse of Terra with its Luna token led thousands of users to wonder about the future of stablecoins and if they are viable. In response to the volatility of bitcoin and ethereumthe crypto universe launched the stable coins or stablecoinsthat is, digital currencies with fixed prices anchored to another real asset. Within that … Read more

Marchesín can say goodbye to Jamor and leave FC Porto with the ‘double’

THE FC Porto prepares to close the season against Tondela, in the final of the Portuguese Cup. After conquering the title of national champion, the dragons will fight for a new one-two. The last ‘bis’ with the championship and Cup of Portugal achieved by the blue and white emblem was in 2019/20, the same time … Read more

Why Matt Damon is being blamed for Bitcoin’s crash

The crash of cryptocurrencies generated thousands of speculations on social networks about what happened. Who is the actor targeted by the fall After reaching all-time highs (ATH) above the u$s68,500 per unit a few months agothe price of Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the cryptocurrencies suffered a resounding collapse, which was worn to the … Read more

“I think Vlachodimos is not a goalkeeper for Benfica”

“THEhe performances a little gray and the numerous athletes associated with the club largely justify the failure of this season. Many things went wrong and, given the news that are coming out, President Rui Costa wants to punch the table. When changing everything or a lot, like around 50% of the squad, it will be … Read more

This was the journey of Cencosud to land in the United States market

Sunshine project. This is how they baptized from Cencosud the operation that led them this week to carry out one of the great wishes of the firm and its founder Horst Paulmann: landing in the United States. Last Tuesday, the retailer announced the signing of an agreement with the fund Apollo Global Management, Inc. to … Read more