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Status: 06/10/2022 8:00 p.m

High petrol prices despite fuel discounts annoy many drivers. Although the cost of crude oil has risen, this alone cannot explain the current price level.

by Peer Axel Kroeske

The frustration is great. The 3.15 billion euro tax gift that Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) has pushed through for drivers appears to be wasting uselessly. The prices at the petrol pumps fell on June 1st. But at just under two euros for super and diesel, the fuel is no cheaper than at the end of April. Hundreds of commentators on social media are certain: the corporations are cashing in.

Gasoline prices also rise abroad

On the other hand, the price of oil is constantly rising. And where no tank discount is granted, such as in Denmark, premium petrol is now over 2.40 euros. Some Danes are now refueling in Germany. Would the petrol price in Germany be a full 35 cents higher if the tank discount did not exist?

About the graphic: In order to assess this, the taxes must first be subtracted for a comparison: 19 percent VAT and the energy tax, which was reduced on June 1st. This already shows that the net fuel price in Schleswig-Holstein rose by several cents as of the reporting date, especially for premium petrol. CO2 tax and petroleum storage tax were also deducted from the net prices.

Many factors affect the price of gasoline


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Prices at the pump have fallen, but not as much as hoped. What is the fuel price actually made up of? 3 mins

The exchange rate against the dollar plays a role in the price of crude oil. The costs that companies incur per liter of gasoline also depend on other factors. The petroleum industry cites wage costs, refinery utilization and electricity prices, among other things. When the price of oil goes up, so do transportation costs. Only about 24 liters of petrol and 21 liters of diesel and many other products are produced from 100 liters of crude oil. All of this complicates the calculation.

High net diesel prices consistently since March

In fact, the price of petrol followed the price of crude oil in a predictable manner at the beginning of the year. In the graphic (see above), the price of European Brent crude oil was converted to the exact day in euros per liter and adjusted by a factor of 1.5. In this way, the values ​​of the crude oil curve almost coincide with the price of gasoline from January to early March. Two weeks after the start of the war, the price of fuel then outstripped the price of oil. Diesel in particular will then remain at a high level.

The net price of petrol has skyrocketed since the fuel discount deadline

The net price of petrol calmed down in April, but decoupled from the price of oil again when the tank discount began and rose significantly. However, the corporations do not let themselves be looked at to see whether this really means higher profits.

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