Technology: the future has arrived and it is a national niche

Superpowers of the future

Today we are in the era of the “digitalization of everything”, which is driven by what we at Intel consider the four superpowers:

Ubiquitous computing, which means that computing can already happen using any device, location and format, transcending the desktop.

Pervasive connectivity, which is the ability to provide network connectivity while smoothly dealing with the associated technicalities. We are reaching a stage where everything is connected.

The infrastructure from the cloud to the edge, that is, the ability to process information where it is most convenient for the user, with the aim of gaining agility. Artificial intelligence, which, through its powerful algorithms and computation, is becoming the key to the growth of the world’s digital infrastructure, as it is helping to make more and more business decisions.

In order for these superpowers to consolidate quickly, it is also necessary to focus on the training and formation of new talent, mainly in the STEM areas. That is why we have launched our Skills For Innovation program, which seeks to train secondary teachers in technical and socio-emotional skills so that they can generate innovative educational experiences. Also, we have co-created the BA AI Laboratory, to train students in this exciting technology.

*Adrián De Grazia, General Director. of Argentina from Intel.

IOT, the value of co-creation

Currently, the market conceives less and less isolated products without any type of integration. This integration can be, for example, with the cell phone, with the vehicle or any other system. It is precisely for this reason that the “Internet of Things” was consolidated as a strategic avenue in Mirgor. Today we focus on the research and development of foundational technologies, products and services for any IoT solution.

Mirgor currently has a team of more than 50 professionals, of which around 10 make up the IOT team organized according to the necessary skills for product development. Today we cover 4 major IOT research areas: Security, Telemedicine, Smart Home and Mobility. Beyond the devices that are part of each vertical, we have a special focus on the common platform for all these businesses. This platform is the one that allows the interconnection of different types of devices. Although we use various methodologies, we are strongly aligned with Design Thinking for the conception of our products and services. Also Agile based on Scrum. It is important to note that the size and diversity that we have in Mirgor allows us to carry out many collaborative and creative activities internally.

*Esteban Lypynskyj, Project and Innovation Manager at Mirgor.

behind what happens

We like to think of ourselves as behind the scenes of many of the interactions people experience every day. Globant is involved in the execution of critical projects that make people’s lives easier, thinking not only about personal or professional issues, but also about those related to leisure, enjoyment, but also the improvement of tasks. From the world of games and entertainment to services such as the world’s security forces (best example being the modernization work done for the London Metropolitan Police) our primary focus is on reinvention. Of the companies, of the processes. Of people.

The future of technology is very tangible in two concepts: the metaverse and Blockchain technology. Digitization is going through us today. This is what the metaverse is all about. Blockchain technology offers secure and decentralized ways to store and share information, such as health, property, or education records. According to IDC, organizations are forecast to spend nearly $6.6 billion on Blockchain solutions this year, 50% more than in 2020. This means the potential for radical changes across multiple industries.

*Fernando Montero Bolognini, Managing Director of Globant.

Technological services

The BGH Group is dedicated to the development and commercialization of technological products and services. It has more than a hundred years of experience, in which technology and innovation are its axes and run through the group’s four business units: Consumer, which manufactures and markets products for the home with advanced technology and cutting-edge designs; Eco Smart, which develops energy efficiency & smart building solutions for companies, governments and individuals; Positivo BGH, which produces notebooks and tablets for the education sector, and Tech Partner, which develops innovative technological solutions so that organizations and governments can lead the digital age.

“At Tech Partner, we work with three main business verticals: Communications and IOT; Connectivity and DATA; and Cloud services. Our focus is on the future, on digital, on the cloud. We seek to be leaders in the area of ​​professional services and for this the training of our people is key. Within this framework, two years ago, we launched the federal “Cloud Academy” program, which is intended to provide professional training opportunities in Cloud infrastructure for students over 18 years of age in Computer Engineering, Systems, Programming, or related. Hand in hand with the talent of our collaborators, innovation and cutting-edge service, we help solve problems for our clients all over the world.” said Fernando Montero, SVP Cluster Sur BGH Tech Partner.

*Fernando Montero, SVP Cluster Sur, BGH Tech Partner.

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