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let yourself go

The summer before college, the formal Auden meets the mysterious Eli. Night after night, he helps her enjoy her youth in a way unknown to her. Sophia Alvarez is the director and screenwriter of let yourself goa film based on the novel by Sarah Desen and starring Emma Pasarow (Aude) and Belmont Cameli (Eli). The cast also includes Kate Bosworth, Dermot Mulroney Y Andie McDowell. The film opens in Netflix on May 6, 2022.

Squeezing the last days of adolescence

In let yourself go, Auden is spending her last summer before college on picturesque Colby Beach. While the other young people have fun in the sun, Auden prefers to wander the streets alone when everyone else is asleep. But things change when she meets Eli, a charming and mysterious boy who also suffers from insomnia.

During their late-night escapades, Eli sets Auden a challenge: make his childhood dreams come true. The two go on a mission to get Auden to enjoy the fun and lightheartedness of adolescence, something he had no idea he wanted. The connection that emerges between them pushes them to reflect on why they have settled for an existence in the shadows, while teaching each other to enjoy life to the fullest.

Not a week without a romantic comedy

Platforms have brought a huge volume of romantic comedies into our homes. In the past, these films were seen on weekends, in after-dinner sessions, or some other blockbuster of this genre that was programmed during prime time. But such is his welcome that Netflix He does not want to stop releasing comedies with great regularity with which to make his viewers smile and fall in love.

After the success of the different deliveries of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Netflix wants to continue squeezing this genre and counts again on the writer and filmmaker Sophia Alvarez so that this time he not only writes but gets behind the scenes in the writing and direction of another adaptation of a romantic novel. Writing is not the same as directing, but the platform usually gives many screenwriters opportunities to direct their own texts, without going too far from a theme that they already control, and having seen up close how their two previous scripts came to life.

Leaving the comfort zone

Obviously, the similarities between let yourself go and the success of Netflix to all the boys they are not left alone in the participation of Alvarez, but even maintains many points in common in their stories. In both, the story revolves around a young woman with few social skills, feeling better alone than surrounded by people. In the movie saga we saw how he wanted to change that, hence he wrote the secret love letters that inexplicably reached the five boys he had fallen in love with, but in this new movie his protagonist, Auden, seems to be “happy” with her way of life, despite not being the most recommendable, and it is not until she meets Eli that she realizes that she has spent too much time locked up and has missed out on great things.

There are not a few people with some passion, whether playing video games, watching series or reading books, who have a complete social life, but Auden is so closed in on herself that not only does she not relate to the rest in a comfortable way , but has not acquired a personality that attracts the rest. She is a very flat character that did not require a magnificent interpretation to get her ahead, although Emma Pasarow if he seems to make an effort in his debut and tries to contribute to the character, especially standing out in the scenes with Belmont Cameli, in which we see how his first great love gradually emerges.

Too bad their relationship doesn’t stand out above the ones we see in many other teen romantic comedies, and therefore it remains just another movie of this genre without any depth and poor character development, despite making us see how both want to learn. what makes them feel comfortable and how to get out of the shells in which they have voluntarily locked themselves.

In the adult cast we find Andie McDowell as Auden’s mother, a professor of English and sociolinguistics; Dermot Mulroney as Auden’s father, an intellectual writer who thinks more about his books than his daughter; Y Kate Bosworth as Auden’s stepmother, who owns a women’s boutique.

let yourself go It is the first of three novels by Sarah Desen that are being adapted by Netflix, and fans of the books will surely not miss the opportunity to see this movie. Unfortunately for the rest, it is a teenage romantic comedy of which hundreds reach us on different platforms, which will not dazzle as previous texts by its director did, and will only be fully enjoyable by fans of the genre who do not ask too much to be entertained .

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let yourself go

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