That’s how blatantly the makers of the show cheat behind the scenes

Amira Pocher with her dance partner Massimo Sinató on “Let’s Dance” Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

It’s a sparkling, glittering world in which the stars of the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” float across the floor every Friday evening. Perfect outfits, perfect make-up, perfect hair – is it all just a perfect illusion? Now it is clear: There is faked, what the stuff holds. This is how the makers of “Let’s Dance” cheat behind the scenes.

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Mask boss Krissi van der Viven reveals: The great hair that the celebrity and professional women wear on stage is mostly not real. “Everyone here has their own extensions and their own bag with their name on it. That’s quite a lot,” she says.

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“If I had to calculate that in meters, I couldn’t do it because it’s so much,” explains the make-up artist and hairstylist. With her team of 17 professionals, she is responsible for the looks of the “Let’s Dance” celebrities and dancers.

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Stylist Krissi van der Viven reveals “Let’s Dance” tricks

In the shows everything just looks incredibly perfect and real. But how do Krissi van der Viven and her team actually achieve these perfect looks?

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Stylist Krissi van der Viven provides the perfect looks for “Let’s Dance”. Instagram

“We always have our opening credits shoot. We determine the hair color and then we buy the extensions so that we have everything we need for the introductory show for the exact hair color,” reveals the stylist.

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And then the work starts all over again week after week. After the show is before the show. “I redo the looks week after week. I’m told what they’re dancing, what song, what costume. And then I add the head,” says Krissi van der Viven.

She is now an old hand, as she reveals. “I’ve been doing this for 12 years now and I’ve learned over the years. At first I didn’t know anything about dancing. I also didn’t know that you have to see the neckline in certain dances. You can’t let your hair down, otherwise the Llambi will complain. That’s how it is with a waltz, for example.”

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Always looks beautiful: Sarah Mangione dancing with Vadim Garbuzov on “Let’s Dance”. Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

“Let’s Dance” stylist reveals her nightmare

And what other secrets can a woman divulge for the perfect look? For example: “Everything is made up. We don’t only do face make-up, we do make-up for the neck, body and legs. We spray everything with body make-up.” Every scratch on the leg, every bruise from training is covered up for a flawless look on the big live shows.

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But even if everything seems so perfect – even the professional is really afraid of embarrassment: “Every year I sit there shivering and think: Please, please, don’t let the extensions fly out. So far, flowers have only flown out of the hair once. But we never lost hair. That would be my personal trauma,” says Krissi van der Viven. Let’s hope it never comes to that.

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