The 50 worst restaurants in the world (part 2) – 07/20/2022 – Cozinha Bruta

I invented fashion, now I need to deliver. As promised, here is the second part of the list of the 50 worst restaurants in the world.

The French Money Laundry

You, if you are a rabble without contacts, will leave at least R$ 1500 per person in our harmonized tasting menu in an environment of absolute exclusivity. If you look at the sides, you will realize that not even that covers the costs of rent, staff, supplies, glasses, dishes, furniture. Don’t waste time trying to understand. For your own good.

Dinner in the Sewer

Embark on this immersive dinner experience, in which the most renowned chefs prepare surprising menus in a pop-up kitchen on a floating river on the Tietê River. Admission: R$ 499 (without drinks, without cover charge and without payment refund in case of flooding). Entry only with the hepatitis A vaccination passport.

only manioc

Celebrates the diversity of Brazilian gastronomy through cassava. Cassava breads and cassava broth shot on the couvert. At the start, cassava carpaccio. As a main suggestion, manioc spaghetti with manioc velouté. To drink, yellow mary (R$49): manioc vodka with manioc juice.

Sad Pizzeria

100% gluten-free, vegan, carb-free and joyless pizzas. Try the flavor that bears the name of the house: cauliflower cream on a bed of steamed cabbage leaves (R$99), which replaces the flour dough, drizzled with virgin linseed oil. We also have canary seed and millet pasta.

Concept Style

Chef Felícia Cauduro, interior designer Ricky Starr and partner-investor Afrânio Villa Rapóso Sobrinho spent months focusing on the business plan of this innovative gastronomic-cultural proposal, whose DNA is aligned with successful cases in Vancouver and Melbourne. In the soft opening, discount for bitcoin payments.

Heil Kartoffel

Veganism in its purest purity. The following are prohibited: customers with wool sweaters, customers with leather shoes and customers who are treating pharyngitis with propolis. Cockroaches are our friends, you are only welcome if you leave them alone during your meal.

Table Center

There is no main course here, the concept of small portions to share in the middle of the table is valid. Peanuts (R$ 80). Salami (R$ 129). The ideal is to calculate between five and six servings per person.

Luigi Express

Renowned chef Luigi De Luigi brings his high-end gastronomy brand to the food court at the Luigi Mall. Beef Parmigiana* with rice and sweet potato (R$49).

*(protein of animal origin)

Urban Rainforest

Buffet of leaves, sprouted grains and vegetable preserves for ONLY R$ 149.99. With a pasta option, R$ 179.99. With a pasta and sauce option, R$ 199.99. With a protein option, R$ 219.99. Green juice or kombucha, R$31.99.

purple Belford

After being spotted by the police on Via Dutra, almost reaching Rio, Thales Panzarotto and Guilio Calfat from São Paulo had a click: why not pay homage to Baixada Fluminense in a gastrobar in Vila Olímpia? Chicken heart with spicy chipotle aioli, R$70. Litrão de michelada, R$55. This Saturday, 4pm, Peca Zagodinho’s pocket show (R$1,299).

terroir film

Source food. Cheese from Vale do Macambúzio (R$ 69). Sobrassada da Serra do Pau Lasqueira (R$ 89). Dwarf rice from Chapada dos Rombudos with pork cheek, created with skunk corn at Sítio Parangolé, in Conceição do Trubuçu, in Alto Comenhonha (R$ 149).

The Big Tray

Cosmopolitan cuisine in a retro-industrial setting reminiscent of a factory cafeteria. Take the aluminum tray, help yourself and make new friends in the collective tables. Meatloaf (R$99). Natural wine served in the refreshment machine (R$49, the 100 ml plastic cup). Mosaic gelatin (R$39). Meal vouchers are not accepted.

Between Tapas and Quesos

We are not the outdated Spanish restaurant that puts up bullfighting posters to pretend authenticity. We are the tapas bar with the wall beautifully decorated with Almodóvar movie posters to show that we really are authentic. Xapiña wine sangria (R$199, a 500 ml pitcher).

Cantina Castafiore

He has seen busier days, when he received tourist buses for the performances of Nino Calzone, the king of the tarantella. The heir Pancrazio Calzone keeps the tradition alive in a tribute show, in which the audience is invited to throw tomatoes and provolones on stage. Gnocchi with 16 cheeses (R$49 + R$179 artistic cover charge).

manhole delhi

Created between the Gardens and the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Rodrigo “Digo” Szarsfield recreates the magic of the streets of the Big Apple in São Paulo. Pastrami, pickles, dark mustard, rye bread and live rats brought in from the New York Subway’s “E” line tunnel.

Phosphate Corner

This tavern, in operation since 1944, decided to get involved in the environmental cause and abolished the waiters’ pads of paper. Our experienced team uses quantum mnemonics to absorb requests in their minds. We ask for patience with the professionals, who have worked in the house since its foundation.

palm tree Taquara

In the recently opened branch with 3,700 seats, businessman Nonato Arruda Bezerra de Queiroz presents a modern and sophisticated facet of Ceará’s gastronomy. The dish Jangada Chloroquina (R$ 449, for two) stands out: shrimp and lobster in white sauce, cream cheese, cream cheese, curd cheese, butter cheese, mozzarella and manioc straw.

the fief

First medieval themed restaurant with an ultra-realistic feel. We do not work with tomato, potato, corn, artificial refrigeration or detergent. The latrines feed our pigs (roasted ham, R$ 200) with the waste of the customers themselves.

Barroso Fisheries

Catch your own fish for free (equipment and bait, R$ 449, no rod). Prepare your own fish (R$200 per hour of kitchen use). You are the chef! The responsibility is all yours!

Genghis the Mongol

We’ve never been to Mongolia, and we’re strongly betting you haven’t either. We offer the most varied and authentic experience of the steppe, with 16 types of minced meat, 402 varieties of vegetables and 716 seasonings for you to assemble a well-rounded dish and deliver it to the chef, who will deliver you the essence of Mongolia in an absolutely unique and whole dish. mixed.

The Peruvian Cat

After 17 years working in Lima with the freshest fish in the Pacific, the brothers Pablo and Loco Nuñez moved to São Paulo and discovered that tilapia farmed in the lagoon is the ideal fish to make the typical Peruvian ceviche (R$99, individual).

Parrilla El Picareton

Ancho steak with tropeiro and vinaigrette (R$ 149). Tuscan Empanada A*r*r* (R$18).

mine currents

Nilza Corrêa de Lima coordinates the kitchen of the restaurant, which reproduces a Minas Gerais farmhouse from the 1800s. Waitresses dressed as maids walk around the tables with delicacies, greengrocers, snacks and appetizers. No charge for service.


August marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic space designed by Alicinha Figueiredo Bustos, which began with a small door on Oscar Freire Street with the help of her friend Fernanda Pacheco Alcântara.

Sushi Luigi-San

A foray into Japanese cuisine by the multi-talented chef Luigi De Luigi, famous for the restaurant empire that includes the brands Luigi, La Cucina de Luigi, Lulu, Atelier Luigi, L.uigi, Piccolo Luigi, Acarajé do Luigi, Luigi in the Box, Luigi Express , Luigi Burger, Açaí do Luigi and Luigi Barbecue Experience.

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