THE BALL – Benfica had to sweat to defeat Eléctrico (Futsal)

Benfica beat Eléctrico 2-1 and are ahead in the semi-finals of the play-off of the national futsal championship. In a match held on Friday night, at the Ponte de Sor Sports Pavilion, the eagles had to sweat their shirt until the last minute to be able to defeat an opponent who never threw in the towel.

The Reds even went to the break with an interesting result (2-0, with goals from Ivan Chishkala and Rocha), but the Alentejo team reacted well in the second half and tried, in every way, to turn the text around. After André Sousa had prevented the home team from celebrating, Eléctrico would even manage to reduce the disadvantage, with Ferrugem, in the 33rd minute, putting the pavilion in real delirium.

The team led by João Freitas Pinto was even more motivated by the goal and, from there until the end, tried to approach with danger near the red goal, but had no more art or ingenuity to beat the Portuguese international and force, at least, the extension.

With this triumph, Benfica took a very important step towards the final, a goal that can be confirmed this Sunday, at 5 pm, when they receive the Tram, at the Pavilhão da Luz.

Remember the game movie:

End of match! Tram 1 Benfica 2.

40 minutes: Matheus Kogikoski shot and André Sousa saved for a corner.

39 minutes: Yellow card to John Lennon.

39 minutes: Fourth foul by Tram.

39 minutes: Technical break requested by João Freitas Pinto, Eléctrico’s coach.

38 minutes: Fourth foul committed by Benfica.

37 minutes: Yellow card to Matheus Kogikoski.

37 minutes: Third fault committed by Tram.

37 minutes: André Sousa, with an absolutely fantastic intervention, authentically denies Peixinho a draw.

36 minutes: Ferrugem headed assistance and Russo shot André Sousa.

35 minutes: Rafael Henmi, already in the area, shoots in rotation, but slightly wide.

34 minutes: Third foul committed by Benfica.

33 minutes: Tram scores! Pass by Ygor Mota and Ferrugem, after circling André Sousa, to make it 1-2.

30 minutes: Good work by André Sousa, in a foray into the attack, but Afonso Jesus, already in the area, shot over the bar.

29 minutes: Second foul by Tram.

29 minutes: Tayebi tries his luck, but the shot goes just wide of Diogo Basílio’s left post.

28 minutes: Daniel Airoso’s shot and André Sousa saves to the post. Happiness now for the incarnates.

27 minutes: Shot by Ivan Chishkala and great save by Diogo Basílio.

26 minutes: First foul committed by Tram.

26 minutes: Yellow card to Bruno Cintra.

26 minutes: Second foul committed by Benfica.

26 minutes: John Lennon’s strong shot for an extraordinary intervention by André Sousa.

25 minutes: First foul committed by Benfica.

24 minutes: Long-range shot by Ferrugem, just off the left post of André Sousa’s goal.

Start of the second part!

Benfica is, with justice, ahead of the scorer. Despite the selflessness of the Eléctrico players, the Reds show a greater clarity of ideas and, moreover, are the team that has managed to create more goalscoring opportunities.

Ivan Chishkala, with an excellent shot from mid-range, placed, gave the eagles an advantage, just in the 4th minute, and Rocha, also with a beautiful shot from afar, increased the contention.

Intensity has been a constant, as evidenced by the five fouls committed by both teams (despite none of them having crossed the line and, for that reason, there have not been any direct free kicks), which suggests an emotional second half. Even because the Tram will, with all certainty, do its best to reverse the course of events. Remember, the Ponte de Sor emblem has already beaten Benfica this season – a 3-1 victory, right on the 2nd round of the regular phase, in a match played on October 16, 2021.

Break! Tram 0 Benfica 2.

20 minutes: Hugo Neves shot, off the right post of André Sousa’s goal.

19 minutes: Yellow card to Robinho.

19 minutes: Fifth foul committed by Benfica.

18 minutes: Nílson’s cross, from the left, the ball deflects on Ferrugem, who almost scores an own goal, but André Correia, with an excellent intervention, prevents the Reds’ third.

16 minutes: Fourth foul committed by Benfica.

15 minutes: Technical break requested by Pulpis, Benfica coach.

15 minutes: Yellow card to Hugo Neves.

15 minutes: Fifth fault committed by the Tram. The Alentejo team is prohibited from committing more infractions in this first half, under penalty of being sanctioned with a direct free kick.

13 minutes: Ygor Mota, at the edge of the area, shoots in place, but the ball goes just over the left post of André Sousa’s goal.

12 minutes: Benfica scores! Rocha, close to the right flank, swung over Peixinho and hit it hard, with his left foot, to make it 0-2.

11 minutes: Third foul committed by Benfica.

10 minutes: Yellow card to Ferrugem.

10 minutes: Fourth fault committed by Tram.

10 minutes: Third fault committed by Tram.

9 minutes: John Lennon’s powerful shot at the edge of the area, but the ball goes slightly over the bar of André Sousa’s goal.

8 minutes: Peixinho, after evading Tayebi’s marking, shoots hard, but André Sousa manages to prevent the goal.

7 minutes: Second foul by the Tram.

4 minutes: Benfica scores! Pass by Robinho and Ivan Chishkala, from afar, shot strong and placed for 0-1.

3 minutes: First foul committed by Tram.

3 minutes: Ivan Chishkala tries his luck with a long shot, but André Correia saves with difficulty. In the rebound, Rocha also aimed at the opposite goal, but André Correia made another excellent intervention.

3 minutes: Robinho’s shot and André Correia’s save for a corner.

2 minutes: Second foul committed by Benfica.

2 minutes: Shot by Ivan Chishkala and Nílson, from close range, shoots over the bar. Incredible loss of eagles number 9.

1 minute: John Lennon shot to save André Sousa.

1 minute: First foul committed by Benfica.

Start of the match!

Electric (initial five): André Correia, Ferrugem, Matheus Kogikoski ÇGustavo Rodrigues and John Lennon

Substitutes: Alexey Popovich, Diogo Basílio, Russo, Hugo Neves, Peixinho, Daniel Airoso and Ygor Mota

Coach: João Freitas Pinto

Benfica (starting five): André Sousa, Afonso Jesus, Robinho ÇIvan Chishkala and Rocha

Substitutes: Martim Figueira, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Nílson, Tayebi, Bruno Cintra, Carlos Monteiro and Jacaré

Coach: pulp

Referees: Tiago Silva (AF Porto) and Alexandre Costa (AF Aveiro)

There are already teams!

The Alentejo team reached this stage after eliminating SC Braga in three games (1-1 and 4-5 after penalties; 4-1 and 5-4), while the Reds left Leões Porto Salvo in just two games (3-1 and 3-0).

Eléctrico hosts Benfica tonight (9 pm), in the first game of the semi-finals of the play-off of the national futsal championship. BOLA online will tell you all about this match. Come with us, dear reader…



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