THE BALL – PSP advice for the classic (Benfica-FC Porto)

The Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the PSP informed, this Friday, how the operation will be for the classic, on Saturday, between Benfica and FC Porto, at Estádio da Luz, referring to the 33rd round of the League.


«Considering the holding of the football game between the football teams of SL Benfica vs FC Porto on May 7, at 6:00 pm, at Estádio da Luz, in Lisbon, the Metropolitan Command informs the following:

1. According to the national legislation in force, this is considered a “high risk” event, with a capacity of around 65 thousand people.

2. The official opening time of the stadium doors to the public is scheduled for 16:00. However, the PSP will still focus in the morning, on the inspection of the parking lot, guaranteeing the necessary fluidity of the car circulation, foreseeing specific restrictions on car and pedestrian traffic, only in situations understood as a necessary security measure, as mentioned above. :

from 2 pm

• Avenida Condes de Carnide – cut off from traffic (between Praça Dr Mário Soares and the intersection of Avenida Marechal Teixeira Rebelo)

Between 15:30 and 16:00

• Traffic restrictions on Avenida Condes de Carnide, Avenida Colégio Militar and Avenida Machado Santos

Between 16:00 and 16:50

• Traffic restrictions on Rua Frei Luís de Granada, Rotunda Cosme Damião and Avenida Machado Santos

3. The PSP’s action will be to minimize the impacts of these constraints, ensuring the needs of safety and road traffic in the affected places.

4. It is PSP’s intention that visiting fans are in the vicinity of Estádio da Luz when the doors open.

5. The PSP Lisbon Metropolitan Command will highlight, for this event, a police device understood to be appropriate to the circumstances, which include several PSP valences, such as: effectives of the Police Division of the area, Traffic Division, Metropolitan Information Unit Sports, Rapid Intervention Teams and the reinforcement of the Special Police Unit.

6. With this device, the PSP’s main mission is to guarantee the safety of people and goods, both inside and outside the sports complex, preventing theft from people, from and in cars, robberies, illegal sale of tickets and any changes to public policy.

The PSP recalls that, according to the legislation in force, it is a crime to:

• The distribution and sale of false or irregular ticket tickets;

• The practice of damage to public transport, installation or equipment used by the public;

• Participation in a brawl on the way to or from the sports show;

• The unauthorized entry of any person into the competition area (turf);

• Offenses to physical integrity acting in a group.

The PSP advises:

• That supporters travel to the José Alvalade Stadium by public transport, avoiding bringing their vehicles near it;

• That fans arrive in advance, taking into account the queues and security procedures at the doors;

• If you use your own vehicles, park them in guarded parking lots intended for this purpose; and

• Avoid carrying suitcases and backpacks inside the sports grounds.

If you consider the intervention of the Police to be necessary, do not hesitate to ask for our cooperation, call 112, and keep the following telephone number for the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon of the PSP on your mobile phone: 217 654 242, or type on your mobile [21 polícia].

Finally, the PSP requests and appreciates that any celebrations take place with sports fairplay, with respect for the other participants in the event and other users of the public road, following the guidelines and orders of the Police officers who will be in the various locations.”


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