THE BALL – Roller Hockey: Benfica-FC Porto in LIVE (17:00) (A BOLA TV)

This Saturday, April 9, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 of Meo, 31 of Vodafone and 64 of Nowo)…

All the emotions of the roller hockey Portuguese Cup final, between Benfica and FC Porto, can and should be seen this Saturday (17:00) on BOLA TV. In the semi-final games, the Reds overcame Oliveirense by 3-1, while the Dragons beat Óquei de Barcelos on penalties. FC Porto is the team with the most titles won (17), ahead of Benfica, with 15. They are followed by Oliveirense, Sporting and Óquei de Barcelos, all with four victories. HC Cambra and Malhangalene win a trophy.

Handball: Xico Handball-Benfica to watch at 15:00

THE TV BALL broadcasts Xico de Holanda-Benfica, a game counting for the 23rd round of the Placard Handebol 1 Championship. The reds occupy third place, behind leaders Sporting and FC Porto. Xico Handebol is in 15th place. In the history of matches between the two teams, Benfica won 16 of the 17 played, while Xico de Holanda won one match, precisely in the 2009/10 season. A 28-26 triumph in the quarter-finals of the Portuguese Cup.

Luz and Tondela under analysis at BOLA DE SATURDAY (10:15 pm)

Tondela-Sporting and Benfica-Belenenses SAD, matches of the 29th round, are the highlights of the SATURDAY BALL. The lions are looking to shorten the distance to FC Porto, which this Sunday visits Guimarães, while Tondela fights to escape the last places. In Luz, Benfica receives the afflicted Belenenses SAD. In addition to game analysis, THE TV BALL broadcasts game press conferences. Fernando Guerra, Vítor Manuel and Pedro Henriques comment on the two meetings in a program that is presented by Joana Martins Pires.

Fernando Guerra and Vítor Manuel at BOLA DAS 8 (7:45 pm)

Fernando Guerra and Vítor Manuel, commentators, sign the analysis for Benfica-Belenenses SAD and launch the Tondela meeting, which starts at 20:30. Joana Martins Pires moderates the conversation.

GP Australia backstage F1 (11h30)

We focus on Daniel Ricciardo’s return to Albert Park for his first home race as a McLaren driver; we look at Charles Leclerc, and the young Australian promise, Oscar Piastri. We preview the Australian Grand Prix, as well as a summary of the latest news, inside and outside the paddock.

SAND DIAMONDS to see at 12:25 pm

Explorer Kate Leeming sets out to complete the first ever bike trip along the Skeleton Coast, where the Namibian desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. On the edge of the Namib Desert lies the Skeleton Coast. It’s the Holy Grail in exploration. No one has ever completed its entire length in an unbroken line. Explorer Kate Leeming aims to be the first. On the 1600 km journey, it passes through some of the most inhospitable terrain and endures one of the harshest climates on the planet, in one of the most remote and spectacular regions of Africa.


In this episode of PLAY AT HOME, we go to Olhão, to meet the last of the romantics of Portuguese football. He has played 564 games in the 1st League, has trained in China, Egypt, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. He ran away from Portuguese football. And he will only come back if he goes to a club that calls him by heart. It’s Mister Manuel Cajuda. The program ‘Play at home’ is a trip to the homeland of each of the protagonists. But, as man does not live by ball alone, we will taste the best gastronomy, the best wines and show the best landscapes of the origins of the stars.

INTERVIEW with Ukrainian KANDAUROV (21:15)

Former Benfica midfielder Serhiy Kandaurov is one of the millions of Ukrainians whose security has been stripped by the war. He left everything behind in Kharkiv and has nowhere to go back, as the wave of destruction swept through the city where he grew up and became a footballer. He has brought the family safely to Portugal, where he intends to rebuild what the war destroyed. Kandaurov recounts the horrors of war and the long journey in an interview with THE TV BALL.


Episode 15 of a new season. Top pros, exotic locations and a huge ‘golden pot’ make the World Poker Tour an addictive television show. Anyone who pays the ‘buy-in’ can enter, expecting, however, to find strong opponents and a lot of difficulties to guarantee a place at the final table.

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