The best minibars for the home | Showcase

They take up very little space, have adjustable feet and can be used as complementary refrigerators.

Minibars have always been associated with hotels, although now they can also be part of the home. And it is that they can be used as a complementary refrigerator to keep bottles of wine, soft drinks and other products stored and in order with which to prepare an aperitif or a cocktail to welcome guests, friends or family in meetings and celebrations.

One of their great advantages is that they take up very little space and have minimalist designs, so they go unnoticed and fit in with all kinds of decorations, such as the five models included in this selection, which includes the best minibars available on Amazon. Discover them!

Severin Minibar

Elegant, compact and practical minibar with a storage capacity of 46 liters and perfect dimensions to save space, with a total of 44.7 (height) x 49.6 (width) x 47 (depth) centimeters.

It incorporates a thermostat to regulate the temperature, it has an ergonomic and interchangeable handle that opens to the right, its legs are adjustable and it works at 36 decibels, emitting little noise.

compartmentalized design

The interior of this minibar has different compartments, really practical for storing and distributing food or drinks in an organized way. Thus, it has a safety glass shelf, two door shelves and a space for cold cuts or cheese that can be kept colder, with a total capacity of five litres.

Hisense Mini Bar

This minibar designed by Hisense is a refrigerator with a capacity of 42 liters, designed with quality energy efficiency, capable of consuming less energy in order to take care of the environment. Its total dimensions are 43.9 x 47 x 51 centimeters.

It has an ergonomic handle that facilitates the opening of the door, it has an adjustable thermostat and the function Auto Defrost, which allows the defrosting of the minibar to be carried out automatically when necessary. It also includes, inside, a two-liter bottle rack to free up space on the shelves.

with reversible door

It is a minibar that is very easy to install in different spaces and places, thanks to its reversible door design in both directions and its adjustable feet, which provide stability even on uneven floors.

Klarstein minibar, three models

It is a small, portable minibar with a storage capacity of 45 liters and low consumption. Ideal to place it anywhere without taking up much space, thanks to its measurements of 44.5 x 48 x 50 centimeters, in addition to being able to transport it easily.

The interior has an instant, very practical, to organize storage optimally and separate drinks from food. It works very quietly, with a total of 45 decibels without emitting annoying noises. Its door stands out, designed with a printed vinyl available in different colorful and stylish models.

Includes a freezer

This minibar, in addition to functioning as a fridge, also incorporates a freezer, with a capacity of 1.5 liters, enough space to freeze essential foods or ice for cocktails or drinks.

CUBES minibar

Store a large quantity of drinks and keep them always cold for any celebration or meeting with friends thanks to this large-capacity minibar, with a total of 48 liters, to cool up to 67 cans of 33 cl at the same time.

It has a built-in regulator on the back to manually adjust the temperature of the refrigerator as needed. Its total dimensions are 48.01 x 42.93 x 51.05 centimeters.

timeless design

It is a perfect option to decorate the home with a retro and modern touch, since this minibar presents a timeless design of the Coca-Cola brand, in red and with an elegant glass door, it never goes out of style!

AstroAI Minibar, Five Colors

This minibar can keep food and drinks at an optimal temperature both hot and cold, from minus 30 degrees to 66 degrees. In addition, it works silently, with a noise level below 28 decibels to avoid annoying noise.

It has a storage capacity of four liters, so it can fit up to six 350-milliliter cans. Its design stands out, vintage, modern, minimalist and available in a multitude of striking colors.

Includes handle

It is a portable minibar and it can be easily transported, both because of its compact size (24.99 x 19 x 27 centimeters) and because of the handle on the top, ergonomic and easy to grip. It also has a connection for the car or for the electric current.